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  1. NL Film Announces New Senior Team

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    Banijay Benelux today confirms new senior team at NL Film with Dennis Cornelisse taking over as Managing Director and Wynand Chocolaad joining as Head of Productions, with both roles effective immediately.

    Cornelisse, who previously served as Producer at NL Film, is replacing Alex Doff, COO at Banijay Benelux. Having been the driving force behind many successful productions including The Golden Hour, Anoniem,Rundfunk, Neem me mee, Costa!! and De Regels van Floor, he will take over the strategic direction of NL Film and strengthen the portfolio of projects in development.

    Peter Lubbers, CEO at Banijay Benelux: “Dennis’ deep knowledge of the world of films and drama series combined with his experience, proven track record, and leadership, make him the perfect candidate to take on NL Film. I look forward to seeing the next phase of growth and creative ambition he will bring to the label.”

    Reinforcing the creative team, Chocolaad is joining as Head of Productions. Previously at Lemming Film, he brings a wealth of experience having spent 16 years at NL Film, where he built, and subsequently maintained strong ties with the creative team. In addition to supervising all productions, he will ensure departments are fully supported and maximised.

    Recent hits for the Amsterdam-based production company NL Film include Golden Hour (NPO), Modern Love(Amazon Prime Video), and feature film Costa.

  2. Topkapi Films Announces New Management Team

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    Banijay Benelux today announces a new management team at Topkapi Films, with Sebastian Korteweg joining the high-end scripted production company on 1st September.

    Korteweg will become part of the management team alongside Laurette Schillings, Frans van Gestel and Arnold Heslenfeld. He will assume business responsibilities, with a specific remit to connect the storymakers who craft compelling content with the business teams who are geared towards ensuring the company’s series and films effectively reach the right audience. Korteweg will eventually succeed Heslenfeld who is retiring in 2024.

    Laurette Schillings, Partner and Producer at Topkapi Films says: “Sebastian’s experience and knowledge is very complementary to Topkapi. His experience is second to none, having honed skills at high-profile institutions. His background demonstrates he has a similar mindset to us here, and we are extremely pleased with his arrival. We would also like to thank Arnold for his dedicated years at Topkapi and wish him all the best for a well-deserved retirement. “


    Sebastian Korteweg says: “In this new role as Producer at Topkapi, I’ll be able to fulfil my long-held aspiration to work on ground-breaking drama series and films for a diverse and international audience. I’m very much looking forward to working together with an enormously talented and experienced team of professionals.”

    Korteweg has held numerous senior positions in the film industry. In recent years he was Content Acquisition Manager at Pathé and a programmer of Royal Theatre Tuschinski. He is also a committee member at Cinekid and a guest lecturer at the Netherlands Film Academy.  Korteweg began his career at Eyeworks Film & TV Drama, and in his career he has held responsibility for the planning and co-production of films at RTL and Videoland, as well as sold film rights at Penguin Random House in Barcelona.

    Topkapi Films will be bringing their premium content to this year’s Venice Film Festival, with their latest film Holly, produced by Prime Time and Mirage in coproduction with Dardenne brothers’ Les Film du Fleuve, Tarantula, Topkapi and Agat Films,  making its international debut. Meanwhile, at the forthcoming Netherlands Film Festival, two series, Santos and Mocked Up, will premiere this September. Also coming up is the launch of their latest feature film on Netflix, Happy Ending.

  3. Banijay Benelux Acquires Majority Stake in Jonnydepony

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    Banijay Benelux today announces it will further expand its scripted activities in Belgium through a majority stake in production company, Jonnydepony.  Further broadening its drama portfolio and content offering both locally and internationally, the label will join the Belgian footprint alongside Banijay Belgium, which is behind successful soap opera, Familie.

    Jonnydepony, founded in 2015 by Philippe De Schepper, is an independent production label specialising in the development and production of high-quality drama series like acclaimed Black-out (distributed to eight countries), Transport (selected for Series Mania) and Arcadia (soon to be seen at VRT, KRO-NCRV and WDR/SWR). Led by Helen Perquy (co-owner since 2018) and Philippe De Schepper, it is known for its efficient and professional delivery of alluring international (co)productions.

    Peter Lubbers, CEO Banijay Benelux: “Jonnydepony has built up a brilliant reputation in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and Germany, under the leadership of Helen and Philippe. A unique duo with an extremely creative and successful signature, the label is a magnet for great talent in front of, and behind-the-camera. We welcome the team with enthusiasm and look forward to expanding the scripted offer together.”

    Helen Perquy & Philippe De Schepper, both CEO and Producer Jonnydepony: “We are proud to enter a new phase together with our team and become part of a renowned international player. In the rapidly evolving media ecosystem, it is nice that a partner like Banijay, which values IP rights, is strong in global distribution and has a global creative network, joins forces with our company. We look forward to working with the group to further grow our business in both the local and international markets.”

  4. Banijay Benelux Enters Partnership with Documentary Filmmaker and Film Director, Jessica Villerius

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    Banijay Benelux today confirms it has entered into a partnership with documentary maker, film director, and founder of Posh Productions, Jessica Villerius. This strategic collaboration stems from the group’s need to continue building a robust portfolio of socially relevant stories with international appeal.

    Further extending Banijay Benelux’s capabilities in the documentary genre, this latest collaboration will strengthen its offering further, specifically in terms of crime, psychology, and other social themes – Villerius’ specialisms to date.

    Villerius founded Posh Productions in 2007 and debuted with documentary, Roots of Evil – Messages from Dutroux. With gripping four-part series, The Children of Ruinerwold, she, in 2021, won the Golden Televizier-Ring – it also became the most streamed title on NPO Start in the same year. Emma wil Leven, Deal met de Dood, Onder de Radar and Over de Streep stand as other well-known titles in her repertoire.

    Just last week her 50th documentary, The Last Word, was broadcast on NPO2.

    Peter Lubbers, CEO, Banijay Benelux: “Jessica is a distinctive and committed documentary maker and has built a genre with a completely unique style.  I am impressed by her talent, journalistic approach, and personal involvement in every subject. It’s going to be a great collaboration and I look forward to the moment her next (international) documentary lands.”

    “Thanks to the collaboration with Banijay Benelux, I can focus more than ever on what I am good at and where my heart lies: the creative process and importantly, telling even more beautiful and relevant stories,” says Jessica Villerius.  “I will soon be supported in a large part of the daily business and will work together with the team at Banijay to bolster the distribution of my documentaries, films and series. I’ve no doubt that through the partnership, Posh Productions will become even stronger and grow further, even after 15 years.”

    Posh Productions will feed into the Banijay catalogue and sits with fellow Dutch documentary makers, Scenery and Southfields, which, in addition to live sports registrations, talk shows and other sports programmes, also focuses on sports docs with Southfields Stories.

  5. Banijay Benelux Partners with Topkapi

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    Banijay Benelux today confirms it has formed a strategic partnership with Amsterdam-based Topkapi. In officiating its relationship with the Flying Dutchmen and The Terrible Eighties drama producer, the group further expands its scripted portfolio and strengthens its footing in the international market, driving further development and co-production opportunities in the drama and film space.

    Behind films like Piece of My Heart and Close Topkapi is an established production company with more than 25 years of experience in development and production across drama and film. Creatively and business-led by Laurette Schillings, Arnold Heslenfeld and Frans van Gestel, the international entity has been at the forefront of 50 international co-productions, and has over 100 titles in its catalogue. Its award-winning offering includes Academy Award and BAFTA-winning film Another Round, and Close, which is currently in the running for four European accolades.

    Peter Lubbers, CEO Banijay Benelux: “We are very much looking forward to working with Topkapi, which has a great reputation for high-quality drama series and films both locally and internationally. With an impressive global creative network that fits seamlessly with our co-production ambitions beyond our national borders, the label is a perfect fit for our family.”

    Frans van Gestel, Producer Topkapi: “In Banijay Benelux, we have found an international operating partner that allows us to realise our ambition in the field of co-producing international series. The clout of its wider sales and distribution arm allows us to bring our new titles and catalogue, with more than 100 different films and series, to the attention of parties outside the Netherlands and also build new relationships with international writers, directors and producers.”

    Banijay Benelux has built a strong track record in scripted via NL Film, which to date has been behind hits including Penoza, Modern Love, Van der Valk and Commandos, and with EndemolShine Scripted, responsible for Bonnie & Clyde, Roombeek and daily drama, GTST.

  6. Banijay Benelux Appoints Alex Doff, Chief Operating Officer

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    Banijay Benelux, the leading home for content producers across the Netherlands and Belgium, has expanded its board of directors to include a new Chief Operating Officer – Alex Doff. Sitting on the board with CEO, Peter Lubbers and CFO, Colin Delahay, he will also continue as Managing Director, NL Film.


    In his new role, Doff, collaborating closely with the territory’s production labels, will be responsible for the business and organisational management of Banijay Benelux. As part of his remit, he will also oversee its Legal, Operations and Business Affairs departments. Elsewhere, Delahay will take care of Finance, IT and M&A, and Lubbers, the overarching group and talent leadership.


    Peter Lubbers, CEO Banijay Benelux: “With Alex, we have gained a reliable, strategic, and above all, pleasant business partner, who knows the market both on a local and international level. With years of experience within the media, on a financial and business level, he brings an enormous network, and his passion for film and television is invaluable for our organisation.”


    Alex Doff, COO Banijay Benelux: “Banijay Benelux is a truly creative hub, where every conceivable genre is developed and produced by our labels. A versatile group that offers true opportunity and growth prospects for its talent, there is so much potential for growth and I look forward to working with Peter and the wider team on maximising it.”


    Doff began his career at John de Mol Productions, after which he worked for four years as Business Director at Endemol. Then taking on a short adventure at RTL, where he was responsible for the acquisition of Dutch Content, he moved to Talpa Productions as Business Director and later became Manager Operations of Talpa International. A few years on, he was appointed Business Director of Talpa Fiction and also held the position of Finance Director of Talpa Global. In 2020, he joined ITV Global Entertainment as Finance Director and in March 2022, moved to NL Film as Managing Director.

  7. TVBV, ITV and NOS Highlight Giro555’s Campaign ‘Together in Action for Ukraine’

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    Banijay today announces its Banijay Benelux label, TVBV will produce a show, in collaboration with ITV and NOS, for Giro555’s ‘Together in Action for Ukraine’ campaign. It will be broadcast on Monday 7th March at 8:30 pm on SBS6, RTL 4 and NPO1.


    Hosted by Chantal Janzen and Rob Kemps, the show will aim to raise as much money as possible for those affected by the humanitarian emergency. Throughout the evening Janzen and Kemps will be joined by other famous faces such as Dionne Stax, Britt Dekker and Hila Noorzai, who will all present from different locations around the Netherlands such as the Institute for Sound and Vision. Additionally, Jeroen Pauw and Eva Jinek will welcome guests to the studio.


    Peter Lubbers, CEO Banijay Benelux says: “We reach millions of people every day with the content we produce within Banijay Benelux labels. We know better than anyone what impact the stories we tell make on individuals, on groups, on an entire society. The situation that is deeply affecting and upsetting the whole world is an unimaginable reality for 44 million Ukrainians. As an organisation, we see it as a duty to take action.”


    Kees Zevenbergen, action chairman of Giro555 comments: “As aid organisations we are deeply moved by the enormous support expressed here in the Netherlands. A great signal of solidarity for the people of Ukraine and the many hundreds of thousands of refugees. They desperately need our support.”


    This production is part of a larger contribution from Banijay Benelux. From Monday 7th March all employees will be offered the opportunity to donate to the people of Ukraine. From that day onwards, the office in Amsterdam will have a special stand where you will receive a symbolic Ukrainian flag with each donation made to Giro555. The company has committed to doubling the total amount of donations raised from the employees. In addition, Banijay Benelux’s foundation, Banijay Benelux For Kids will also make a donation of 5,000 euros.

  8. Banijay’s Hunted Heads Into The Wild

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    Banijay today announces Dutch production label, SimpelZodiak has created a new spin-off of reality thriller Hunted. Already producing both the civilian and celebrity versions, SimpelZodiak will now bring Hunted into the wild to NPO 3.


    The stakes are higher than ever on Hunted into the wild as ordinary people must hide in an inhospitable landscape to evade capture. From the moment of the dramatic launch, the ‘fugitives’ are at the mercy of the wilderness as they try to remain undetected. Who can brave the heat, rain, and cold as professional hunters use their experience to track them down? Despite this new setting meaning the hunters can’t use surveillance cameras, the formidable team will stop at nothing to complete their task. Will one wrong move result in capture or will these Dutch participants be able to utilise the landscape to outsmart Marcel van de Ven and his team?


    Originally created by Shine TV for UK broadcaster Channel 4, Hunted has since been commissioned in 11 countries. Hunted continues its strong run in the Netherlands with the latest VIP series currently on-air and SimpelZodiak’s sixth season having achieved the best ratings to date.


    2021 was a successful year for the format with Endemol Shine Australia announcing they will produce an adaptation for Channel 10 and Belgium’s first season being the most-watched weekly show on Play4 that season. In the UK the format continues to be ratings hit, with the most recent series more than doubling the slot for younger viewers. In total, the number of series which aired was double that of 2020 including Italian, French and German versions for Amazon Prime Video.


    Justine Huffmeijer, Managing Director of SimpelZodiak says: “Hunted into the wild will have viewers on the edge of their seat as the drama surpasses anything we’ve seen before. We know how much Dutch audiences are captivated by the VIP and civilian versions so we can’t wait for audiences to see this fresh take.”


    Lucas Green, Head of Content Operations of Banijay adds: “Hunted is factual entertainment at its best. This new spin-off highlights the expanding potential for Hunted’s thrilling social experiment, as anonymity becomes increasingly harder in modern life. SimpelZodiak always produces high-quality programming, and we are sure this new series in the ‘escape genre’ will be no different. Having already established such a strong following for this format in the Netherlands, we know they are a safe pair of hands to further develop this new chapter of Hunted.”


    This new twist on the global brand adds to the award-winning Dutch production company’s burgeoning catalogue. Priding itself on creating high-quality content for both linear TV, streamers, and online platforms some of SimpelZodiak’s key credits include SAS: Who Dares Wins, Temptation Island, Your Home Made Perfect, Table for Two, and Survivor.

  9. Banijay Benelux Appoints New Managing Director at SimpelZodiak

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    Banijay Benelux today announces Justine Huffmeijer has been appointed as Managing Director of SimpelZodiak, taking up the post on 1 February 2022.


    In this position, Justine Huffmeijer will have overall responsibility of SimpelZodiak, leading all business operations and overseeing its extensive portfolio which includes key brands Hunted and Temptation Island. Leading the team, Huffmeijer will have responsibility for the label’s creative pipeline for linear broadcasters and streaming platforms, with a remit to expand the slate for the local and international market.  She will join the Banijay Benelux management board, reporting to company CEO Peter Lubbers.


    Huffmeijer’s career encompasses a mix of broadcaster and production company experience, including Eyeworks, IDTV and Net5, where she was channel director, supervising MasterChef. Elsewhere, at RTL, she also oversaw Banijay titles, Temptation Island and Expeditie Robinson.


    Peter Lubbers, CEO at Banijay Benelux comments: “Justine is well-known for her entrepreneurial creative character and enthusiasm for the media industry. She has built a versatile career and is already familiar with the beautiful brands of SimpelZodiak from previous roles.”


    Justine Huffmeijer, Managing Director SimpelZodiak:  “This is a fantastic opportunity which I have happily seized with both hands. To lead a company with SimpelZodiak’s reputation, specialising in adventure, reality and factual entertainment suits me like no other. I’m very much looking forward to contributing to the strong brands across the slate such as Hunted and Temptation Island and growing the business even further. I can’t wait to meet all the producers and team and build the future of SimpelZodiak together.”


    Huffmeijer succeeds Laurens Woldberg, who is leaving the company to work as a Creative Producer at Dutch broadcaster KRO-NCRV.

  10. Banijay On The Run with New Dutch Drama Bonnie & Clyde

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    Banijay today announces Bonnie & Clyde, the first drama series commission from rebranded Dutch label, Banijay Benelux Scripted, formerly known as  EndemolShine Scripted.


    Bonnie & Clyde is a four-part mini-series for local streamer, Videoland, and tells the tale of  two young, rambunctious lovers and their violent quest for freedom. The narrative is inspired by a is co-true story named Bonnie & Clyde in the press, which captivated the whole of the Netherlands in February 2014.


    In the series, with only a few months left in juvenile detention, Esra Kaplan decides not to return to custody after a dramatic leave visit to her Turkish family. Instead, she and her boyfriend Greg Driessen go on the run. For the first time in their lives, Esra and Greg are free from everything and everyone, but with crimes going from  bad to worse, they become known as the “Bonnie &  Clyde of the Low Countries”. Will they escape and start over together – or will they eventually be overtaken by their past?


    Bonnie & Clyde is co-produced by Totem Media and is distributed globally by Banijay Rights, and will be among the company’s autumn highlights.  Further details of Banijay Benelux Scripted will be announced soon.


    Gerd-Jan van Dalen, Producer at Banijay Benelux Scripted says: “Everyone in the Netherlands was gripped with this original, unpredictable tale. Inspired by the real life events, and with true-crime stories becoming increasingly popular, we believe viewers will feel the suspense in this drama like never before.  With Banijay Rights distributing the title, we’re excited to launch the show to a global audience.”


    Banijay Benelux also houses award-winning producer, NL Film, the company behind global success Penoza, which has been adapted in numerous markets, including India, where it is known as Aarya for Disney+ Hotstar and has been nominated for an International Emmy. Other recent credits include Golden Hour for AVROTROS and NPO, Van der Valk for All3 Media and Company Pictures and Costa, a new film set for theatrical release.


    Also operating in the region is  Banijay Belgium, with Familie for VTM among their credits.


    Banijay is home to the world’s best scripted producers, with over 50 diverse, award-winning labels across the company’s footprint in the UK, US, Australia, Nordics, Germany, Benelux, Iberia, Belgium, Israel, Italy, Poland and India. Recent and forthcoming credits include Countrymen (Rubicon for NRK), Queens (Endemol Shine Israel for HOT), Vinterviken/ JJ & E (Filmlance for Netflix and SVT), Germinal (Banijay Studios France for France 2), RFDS: Royal Flying Doctors Service (Endemol Shine Banks for Seven), Ripley (Endemol Shine North America for Showtime), SAS: Rogue Heroes (Kudos for BBC ONE), The Rig (Wild Mercury for Amazon Prime), A Class Apart (Jarowskij in coproduction with Brommamamma, Film I Väst and Nent Group for Viaplay), Heirs to the Land (Diagonal Television for Netflix/Atresmedia/TV Catalunya), Then They Run (Kudos, MadeFor for Sky), Call My Agent (Applause Entertainment & Banijay Asia)

  11. Banijay Benelux Expands Portfolio

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    Banijay Benelux today announces its acquisition of a majority stake in leading Dutch sports producer, Southfields. Retaining its name, the label will combine with EndemolShine Sport to further strengthen the group’s capabilities in this genre. It will be led by the business’ current management – Ernst Veldkamp, Arthur Zuijderwijk and Emiel Gobes, who will report to country CEO, Peter Lubbers.


    Southfields will be based at Banijay Benelux’s headquarters and will launch today (26 July) in its new capacity. From football, cycling and Formula 1, to hockey, volleyball and basketball, the entity will deliver coverage, registrations, talk shows and documentaries across a wide-spanning client base.


    Peter Lubbers, CEO Banijay Benelux, comments: “By bringing together the Netherlands’ two strongest sports production brands, we are even better positioned to serve the market with high-quality content in this field. It has always been our ambition to partner with every Dutch network and OTT platform, and with amazing talent at the helm, we have no doubt this will be the case, as we look ahead to a fantastic summer of sport.”


    Ernst Veldkamp, Southfields General Manager: “In its new capacity, Southfields continues to focus on sports coverage, match registrations, talk shows, sports-related formats and sports documentaries. As part of Banijay Benelux, with its (international) network and excellent creativity and track record, the merger with EndemolShine Sport offers us more opportunities for the future.  This combined with our drive, entrepreneurial approach and our talented and passionate employees, we expect to be able to further grow and better serve our customers. We are very much looking forward to the integration and the opportunities that this will offer. ”


  12. NL Film Appoints Sabine Brian as MD and Diederik Van Rooijen as Creative Director

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    NL Film, a Banijay company, today announces new senior leadership structure with Sabine Brian taking up the post of Managing Director and Diederik van Rooijen of Creative Director.

    Diederik van Rooijen, the TV and film director of hit NL Film series, Penoza, will start his new role in March, where he will be jointly responsible for the development and sales of new drama series and films.

    In his new position, Van Rooijen will work closely with Sabine Brian, who has been promoted to Managing Director. Formerly a producer at the company, her recent credits include The Resistance Banker, Stanley H, Commandos and Penoza: The Final Chapter. Joining Brian in the management of NL Film is Ronald Versteeg, who will continue his role as Business Director. Together, they are responsible for the daily running of the production company.

    Former Creative Director Kaja Wolffers leaves the company after more than ten years to pursue a role at Amazon Prime.

    Sabine Brian, Managing Director NL Film comments: “Diederik is incredibly talented, a creative jack-of-all-trades, in both development and production, and he is a great addition to the team. Having previously worked together, I see huge opportunity for us to develop more high-quality series and films for different target groups, channels and platforms. Kaja played a major role in positioning NL Film as a quality international producer and we wish him all the best in his new role at Amazon Prime. After ten fantastic years working with Kaja, I look forward to growing NL Film, together with Ronald, both here in the Netherlands and internationally.”

    Diederik van Rooijen, Creative Director NL Film comments: “I am really looking forward to embarking on this adventure together with Sabine and Ronald, in addition to developing NL Film’s portfolio within the Dutch and international market. No guts, no glory has always been my motto and I want to prove projects can never be too original and creative. Nowadays, films and series are available all over the world, so it is even more important to distinguish yourself with creativity.”

    In addition to recruiting Diederik van Rooijen, Boudewijn Rosenmuller, currently working as Creative Producer at NL Film, has been appointed Head of Development.