Key Titles

5 Years Later
Emmen Op 1
From Hofbar

TVBV was founded by Jeroen Pauw and Peter Adrichem. Since the start, in 2000, we have been making programmes for public broadcasters and commercial channels, focusing on the genres of current affairs, human interest and infotainment. Well-known TVBV titles include 5 Years Later, Pauw, Feyenoord op 1, Rik over de Grens and New Year’s Eve under Fire.

Talent plays an important role at TVBV. We actively invest in collaboration with presenters and programme makers who fit the profile of our company and the way we want to make television: with flair, a personal style and an open eye for developments in society. TVBV produces formats for, among others, Jeroen Pauw, Rutger Castricum and Rik van de Westelaken.