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  1. Which Norwegian Comedian Will Identify the Fibbers in Banijay’s Are You For Real?

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay today announces that Are You For Real? (Skinnet Bedrar?) is heading to Norway. Nordisk Banijay will produce 12 episodes of this gameshow for TV Norge. This format was developed by Endemol Shine Boomdog, Endemol Shine Italy and TelevisaUnivision.

    Norwegian presenter and journalist Ronny Brede Aase will host the show where a rotating panel of comedians try to identify the liars from the rest. In this unpredictable gameshow, three people take to the stage with a supposed talent, job, or characteristic. However, only one of them is being honest. The famous comedians must rely on their intuition, tasks, and questions to figure out who are the masters of deception. The stakes are high as an audience member sitting in the winning comedians section then has the chance to walk away with a great prize.

    Adapted in four territories including Mexico where Are You For Real? was the number one non-scripted show across all key demos and has recently finished its second series on Canal 5. Last year it also launched in Peru and Sweden where it consistently won the slot for the 20-49 demographic.

    Erlend Hernø Røeggen, CEO Nordisk Banijay says: “Whether you’re on the celebrity panel, in the audience, or watching at home, everyone can play along and see how well they can read people… With a line-up of comedians ready to get stuck in the audience can expect a high-energy show and hilarious probing.”

    Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations at Banijay says: “Audiences are looking for those upbeat, joyful shows, and this format meets this demand while adding a gamified twist on the talent show genre. Developed by EndemolShine Boomdog, Endemol Shine Italy and Televisa, Are You For Real? showcases the strength of collaboration and it’s great to see it build on its success in Mexico, Sweden, and Peru with this new Norwegian 12 episode commission.”

    With Are You For Real?, Nordisk Banijay continues to build on its impressive slate which includes hit shows such as 71 Degrees North now on its 15th series, All Against 1, Born Winners and Portrait Artist of the Year Norway to name a few.

  2. Endemol Shine Italy Creates AI-Driven Improv Comedy, Fake Show

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay, today announces Endemol Shine Italy, part of Banijay Italy, has created with Rai RadioTelevisione Italiana SPA a brand-new comedy entertainment format, Fake Show – Diffidate delle imitazioni. The new original show will air in primetime this autumn.

    Hosted by Italian actor, comedian and author, Max Giusti, this original new format puts AI in the spotlight and celebrates the highest form of flattery, imitations. In each episode, brilliant celebrities showcase their improv skills, impersonating characters, dialects, objects, sounds and even their fellow showbiz counterparts. Alongside the famous faces is a comedic version of AI generating unpredictable situations, rules, and games, so expect hilarious laugh-out-loud viral moments.

    Leonardo Pasquinelli, CEO Endemol Shine Italy says: Fake Show promises a comedic and fun evening highlighting the world of impersonation, improv and imitation. We’re excited to showcase AI in helping create eccentric sketches which the audience will love to watch again and again. Full credit to the team behind the format’s creation and delivery, including our very talented host, Max Giusti.”   

    James Townley, Chief Content Officer, Development adds: “We are seeing continued demand for light-hearted formats that put a smile on viewers’ face, and Fake Show guarantees just this. With AI at its heart, this ground-breaking format is versatile, scalable, connects audiences and we’re excited to see what the future holds for it.”

    EndemolShine Italy is behind the local production of high-profile entertainment formats including Big Brother for Canale 5 and Deal or No Deal for Rai1, as well as  LOL: Last One Laughing Italy and Celebrity Hunted for Amazon Prime Video.

  3. Endemol Shine Italy Joins Forces with RTI for Canale 5 Drama, Anima Gemella

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    Banijay today announces Endemol Shine Italy, part of Banijay Italy, will produce Anima Gemella (Soul Sisterw/t) alongside RTI. The four-part series set for Canale 5 will be directed by Francesco Miccichè and stars Daniele Liotti (The Fugitive, The Inquiry, One Step From Heaven) and Chiara Masatalli (The Night Before The Exams, Rome, The Good Apprentice).

    The series follows Carlo (Daniele Liotti), a widower on the brink of proposing to his new partner until Nina (Chiara Mastalli), a young medium arrives and makes him question all he has known. When a séance sees her embodied by his deceased wife, nothing will be the same again. Receiving messages from his former partner via the figure, he begins to investigate the events surrounding her death.

    As the situation escalates, Carlo unearths more than he bargained for and has the opportunity to look inside himself and rethink his views on the supernatural. Continuing their journey, he is confronted with another realisation; his feelings for Nina are far from platonic.

     Leonardo Pasquinelli, CEO of Endemol Shine Italy says:Anima Gemella is a powerful story which explores love, grief, and self-discovery. The script beautifully conveys these themes whilst also creating a gripping story which I can’t wait for our stellar cast to bring to life.”

    Alongside Rocca and Liotti is a stellar cast including Stefania Rocca (Nirvana, Viol@. The Beast in the Heart, The Family) and Barbara Bouchet (Casino Royale, Star Trek, Gangs of New York), as well as Alice Torriani, Alice Mangione, Matteo Sintucci, Davide Iacopini, Valentina Corti and Roberto Accornero.

    Anima Gemella is supported by the Film Commission Torino Piemonte and under the patronage of Turin and Lesa.

    This new primetime series will build on Endemol Shine Italy’s scripted expertise having produced hit show, The Bride (La Sposa). Banijay has over 50 scripted labels which produce premium titles around the world with recent and upcoming series including Marie Antoinette (Banijay Studios France), Rogue Heroes (Kudos), Serial Lover (Shine Fiction), Heirs to the Land (Diagonal TV), and Grantchester (Tiger Aspect).

  4. Endemol Shine Italy and Rai Fiction Co-Produce Female Empowerment Drama

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    Banijay today confirmsLa Sposa (The Bride), a new six-part series from Endemol Shine Italy, co-produced with Rai Fiction. Set in the late 1960s, it stars Serena Rossi (Ammore e Malavita, Io sono Mia, Mina Settembre) and will air on Rai1 in 2022. The series is directed by Giacomo Campiotti (Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue, Braccialetti Rossi, Chiara Lubich – L’amore vince tutto) and has been created by Valia Santella (Mia madre, Napoli velata, Il Traditore). 


    The Bride is a touching tale of redemption and liberation, centring around Maria, a young woman who marries Italo by proxy, a widespread practice in Italy, in the late 1960’s, where young women from the South married landowners in the North. Maria adjusts to a controversial rural life as a stepmother with the disdain of a husband who is still traumatised by his first wife’s disappearance. Despite the adversity, her unwavering resilience and positivity see bonds begin to form, until the appearance of her ex-boyfriend threatens to change everything.  


    These personal stories are set amidst significant social change such as a rise in worker’s demands for rights and Italy’s industrialisation throughout the 1960s. Although set in the past, the series speaks to the present and addresses very topical issues, including women’s rights, their emancipation and gender equality. 


    Leonardo Pasquinelli, CEO of Endemol Shine Italy comments: “It is fantastic to work with Rai Fiction on a project which shines a light on life in the 1960s, a time of dramatic change here in Italy. Shot across Rome, Apulia and Piedmont, this high-quality drama, executive produced by Francesco Pincelli and directed by Giacomo Campiotti, has created characters which perfectly capture the complexity of the era.”  


    Maria Pia Ammirati, Head of Drama, Rai comments: “The Bride is a brand-new period drama which follows a woman through emancipation and integration while highlighting the struggle women had in changing attitudes. After the successes of L’Allieva (The Good Apprentice), Mentre ero via (While I Was Away) and Un’altra vita (Second Chance) Rai Fiction is glad to work again with Endemol Shine Italy for a new female-led TV series that explores an important stage of our history”.  


    Benedetta Galbiati, Head of Scripted at Endemol Shine Italy adds: “After having several huge successes with Rai Fiction, we are very proud to co-produce this new series together. The Bride is a story about an extremely modern woman, in which many will recognise themselves, a courageous and strong female figure, who fights for her rights and never gives up.” 


    Banijay is home to over 50 scripted labels, led globally by Lars Blomgren, producing premium, award-winning content for the local and international market.  Recent and upcoming credits include SAS: Rogue Heroes(Kudos),  Marie Antoinette (Banijay Studios France), Ripley (Endemol Shine North America),  Then They Run (Kudos/ MadeFor), Countrymen (Rubicon), Ronja (Filmlance), Call My Agent: Bollywood (Banijay Asia),  Heirs to the Land (Diagonal),  Bonnie & Clyde (Banijay Benelux) and Queens (Endemol Shine Israel).