The Big Wishaway

In this new entertainment show, the production team puts itself at the service of the audience to fulfil their wildest dreams. A spectacular marriage proposal, an exciting trip, a surprise birthday party, a meeting with a star, your wish is their command!

Prior to the show, viewers are invited to send videos asking the team to grant a wish to someone they cherish. These people will become the production’s accomplices and help them to surprise their loved-ones.

Sitting in the studio audience, or unsuspectingly lounging at home, the chosen people have absolutely no idea of the big surprise that awaits them until they discover the application videos on the set’s giant screen. For each dream come true, something crazy will happen in the studio. The host will even make some lucky winners play for the chance to upgrade  their gift. Here no one ever leaves empty handed and the bigger the prize, the better!

During the evening, anything can and will happen because nothing is impossible for the host when he decides to giveback to the audience. A show that promises laughter, tears and emotion.