SKAM France

SKAM FRANCE, adapted from the original series created by Julie Andem, presents the daily life of five 17-year-old girls. Sensitively and humorously tackling the issues affecting teenagers today, each season follows the path of a single character and their interaction with friends and love interests.

This year, Skam France welcomes two new seasons (5 & 6), becoming the first adaptation to have this many additional seasons.  Season 5 begins in the middle of senior year and centres around Arthur, his impending medical studies and love, Alexia. However, after a fight in which he loses his hearing, Arthur’s whole world is turned upside down. To best manage his disability, Arthur begins sign language courses, meeting Noée, a young girl with hearing loss whom he will become increasingly close to, eventually sharing a secret relating to his father.

Season 6 coming soon…