The Ultimate Popularity Contest in paradise

On two remote islands, two rival tribes, the Tigers and the Sharks, battle against each other for new recruits. In this competition, only the biggest tribe wins.

In each episode, new arrivals land ashore where they spend a day and night with each tribe. Both tribes must do whatever it takes to win them over in a bid to prove that they are the best island.

At the end of each episode the new arrivals must decide which tribe they want to join…but in Shipwrecked, anything can happen. Sometimes new arrivals must duel against each other to stay, tribes compete with each other to win crucial advantages, or even switch sides.

In this fierce contest to be the most popular, friendships are formed, romances blossom and relationships are tested to their limits.

At the end of this incredible adventure the biggest tribe wins a huge cash prize…but can they trust each other in the final twist when it really matters?