Party workers

Work hard. Party harder!

We take eight young people from small towns who work in the nightlife industry – they’re DJs, dancers and barmen, and at home, they’re party royalty. But home is a tiny place that’s practically off the map, so now we’re going to put them to the ultimate challenge. We’ll send them to one of the hottest party spots, provide them with a shared house and a booking agent – and then stand back and watch!

They’ll have to find jobs and keep them in order to survive. But there will still be plenty of time for hanging out, going out, partying and hooking-up, as these eight boisterous twenty-year-olds navigate life in their new home.

Set in the likes of Ibiza, the Alps, Miami and Las Vegas – Party Workers breaks its own viewing records series after series and is one of the most popular shows ever on digital French television.