Limitless Win

The entertainment quiz show allows contestants to win the world’s first unlimited jackpot. Before the two contestants play for big money, they must earn some lives. The number they secure corresponds to the number of quick-fire questions they can answer within the allotted time.

Then it’s time for the limitless ladder.

The aim of the game is to get as close to the correct answer as possible…without going on. If they go under the right answer, they lose lives. If they go over the correct answer it is game over. Whether they exceed it by 50 or one. For each correct answer they cash is banked. With hidden lifelines along the way that could hinder or help the duos, and the opportunity to leave the game at any time how brave will the contestants be?

Being close to the correct answer gets you up the ladder, but only correct answers get you rich.

Hosted by UK legends, Ant and Dec Limitless Win was ITV’s biggest brand-new entertainment series launch since The Masked Singer. This show was created by Hello Dolly and co-developed by Hello Dolly and Mitre Studios.