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Fabrizio Ievolella


Fabrizio Ievolella is Chief Executive Officer of Banijay Italia, the production company founded on November 2019 following the merger between Magnolia and DryMedia. 

 He has worked in the television industry since 2000. After working with the national broadcasters Mediaset and La7, in 2002 Ievolella joined Magnolia, where he led the creation and management of projects and TV programmes, which made the company one of the biggest Italian television production firms. 

 In 2016Ievolella, together with his colleagues Danila Battaglini, Francesco Lauber and Leopoldo Gasparotto, founded DryMedia which was behind many high-profile projects for the main Italian broadcasters. 

 Banijay Italia’s challenge is to continue to maintain high production quality and develop new original projects both for an Italian and international audience.