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  1. Banijay Productions France and W9 Say “I Do” to Save the Date

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay today announces Banijay Productions France will produce Save The Date for W9, part of M6 Group. Originally created by Endemol Shine Israel, and first produced by Endemol Shine Finland, this is the fourth iteration of the dating social experiment internationally.

    Singles who want to get married entrust their love destiny to the voice of their heart, setting their wedding date even before they’ve found their chosen one. Presented with a limited amount of time, they will do anything in their power to prepare for their wedding, and, above all, find their true love and say “I Do”.

    Banijay format Save the Date has already been successfully adapted in Finland and Portugal, where the first series was the number one programme in its slot, and the German version, produced by EndemolShine Germany, will seen launch on VOX.

    Florence Fayard, CEO of Banijay Productions comments: “Brimming with sincerity, hope, magic and humour, Save the Date perfectly fits our storytelling DNA. We’ve seen our locally-created hits like Good Luck Guys or The Fifty travel the world, and it’s exciting to now bring a popular global format to French audiences. This show promises an extraordinary human, life-changing and emotionally-charged experience, as singles passionately pursue finding their dream partner to marry. We set dates for goals, so why not take charge of our love destiny the same way.”

    Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations says: “We’re witnessing the latest travelling success, with Save the Date embarking on its fourth international adventure, proving the appetite for love and dating formats continues. Weddings are high-stake events and this part social-experiment, part reality show invites viewers onto the singles’ journeys with all the suspense, romance, and drama you’d expect. Not to mention it has proven success with a couple from the Finnish season recently celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary.”

    This format adds to Banijay Productions France’s premium non-scripted slate of global adaptations and locally-created hits which have all sold internationally. This includes reality series Party Workers, which has enjoyed over 20 seasons for W9 and has recently sold to Germany; Good Luck Guys, which has had seven versions produced to date; and The Fifty, which has been adapted for the German and US Hispanic market.

  2. Fifty TV Celebrities Take on Extraordinary Competition in New Game Show from Banijay Productions France

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    Banijay today announces Banijay Productions France, part of its French collective of labels, will produce the brand-new game show Les Cinquante for W9.

    Away from prying eyes, in his castle inhabited by dogs, foxes and rabbits, a playful and Machiavellian game master, the lion, has decided to challenge 50 reality TV stars to a relentless and unpredictable game that only he can control. 50 players have responded to his mysterious invitation. But only one of them will win as they take part in a series of knockout challenges.

    A large cash prize is up for grabs, but the winning contestant won’t take home the money. They are facing each other, not for themselves, but to win for one of the viewers who can download the show’s app to join their favourite’s fan club and potentially win the prize of €50,000.  When the games begin, anything can happen as the fate of each loser is put in the hands of the winner at a high-tension voting ceremony. Here the audience will see alliances form and betrayals occur as they fight to be the last man standing.

    Florence Fayard, Managing Director of Banijay Productions France says: “After the success of our franchises such as Les Marseillais (Party Workers) or Les apprentis aventuriers (Good Luck Guys), we are very proud to announce the creation of this new format. Les Cinquante is the new king of ‘closed door competition’ with strategies at the heart of the game and strong involvement of the public.”

    James Townley, Global Head of Content Development at Banijay adds: “Through our Creative Fund we invested in Les Cinquante as it is a great addition to the entertainment space and our catalogue. It is unpredictable, interactive, and wildly entertaining. France remains an important market when it comes to creativity and creating new formats. This year we have already seen the strength of French IP with Chaucon Son Tour launching in Spain.”

    This new format has been created by Banijay Productions France and builds on its experience within the French market. As part of Banijay France, the company is known for producing hit shows such as Party Workers, A Season at the Zoo and Good Luck Guys, which has just finished airing its fifth season, performing very well especially amongst younger viewers, raising W9’s slot average by 172%.