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  1. Sparks to fly: Lightning commissioned for BBC Two

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    The BBC has commissioned Fizz and Nice One TV to produce Lightning, a new teatime entertainment show hosted by award winning comic Zoe Lyons.


    Lightning sees the traditional quiz show collide with gameshow, in a fast-paced and frantic format designed to leave contestants’ nerves in tatters.


    Six challengers battle it out across six adrenaline-pumping rounds while a ruthless spotlight patrols the studio eliminating contestants. The challengers’ motivation is simple: do whatever it takes to stay out of the light.


    With dramatic lightning and a thundering soundtrack, Lightning will combine quick-fire questions with physical trials bringing a new pace and tone to the teatime quiz slot on BBC Two.


    Zoe Lyons will preside, supporting contestants as they strive to reach the ultimate goal of £3,000 prize money.


    Lightning is filmed in Northern Ireland with support from Northern Ireland Screen.


    Zoe Lyons said: “It’s incredibly exciting to be the host of Lightning. It’s a dream job for me as I’m a massive quiz fan and – unlike the contestants – I love being in the spotlight.”


    Carla-Maria Lawson, BBC Head of Daytime and Early Peak said: “The pace and the calibre of competition in Lightning along with Zoe’s energy and wit, will bring a real buzz to BBC Two teatimes”.


    Neale Simpson, Creative Director of Fizz said: “This show combines frenetic Q&A with physical challenges, putting contestants on the spot like no other, and it’s a joy to have Zoe on hand to restore calm after the storm when Lightning strikes!”


    Chris Jones, Nice One’s founder said: “BBC Two is the home of clever, funny quiz formats, and our hope is that the nation’s quizzers will really love Lightning.”


    Lightning is a 25×30’ series for BBC Two. The format was devised by Banijay Group’s Fizz (part of RDF) and Nice One. The Executive Producers are Neale Simpson (Fizz) and Chris Jones (Nice One).  It was commissioned by Carla-Maria Lawson, BBC Head of Daytime and Early Peak, and Muslim Alim, Commissioning Editor BBC Daytime and Early-Peak.

  2. All Against 1 Returns to ProSieben

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    Brainpool, a Banijay Group company, today announced All Against 1 (Alle gegen Einen) will return to ProSieben for a second series. The commission follows a successful first run, which saw the interactive, studio-based entertainment format pull almost 1.5m viewers and push up the network’s audience share.


    All Against 1 pits one hopeful contestant against the nation. In each episode the challenger and viewer answer identical questions via the show’s dedicated app. This game show is for everyone as the questions are not based on knowledge but outlandish stunts and experiments. How long can a free diver hold their breath inside a shark tank? How many children will it take to pull a 16-tonne truck? What’s the top speed reached by a caravan when it falls 50 metres? The answers are literally anyone’s guess…


    The money is banked by whoever is closest – the individual playing alone or the collective answer from the nation. However, it all comes down to who is nearest the answer on the final question. If the individual outsmarts the nation, they take home the jackpot, but if the nation wins, one lucky viewer is selected at random and claims the money!


    All Against 1 was created by Banijay Nordic’s Nordisk Film TV Denmark and Nordisk Film TV Norway, and remains an ongoing hit on DR1. Adapted across six territories, the format has also enjoyed success in Norway via NRK1, Finland via Nelonen and France via France 2.