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  1. Spanish Stars Head Back to the Classroom in Banijay’s Celebrity School

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay, today confirms Cuarzo Producciones, part of Banijay Iberia, will produce Celebrity School alongside Mediaset España for Telecinco.

    Hosted by Christian Gálvez, this entertainment show sees four celebrities compete against groups of elementary, middle, and high school-aged contestants in a series of games inspired by school subjects. With each round, the children get older and the questions are that bit trickier… Celebrity School will test the celebrities’ trivia and music knowledge, set physical challenges, and of course take them down memory lane. Will the celebrities or students come out victorious and walk away with a prize for their current schools or the charity of the celebrities’ choosing?

    Juan Ramón Gonzalo, Managing Director at Cuarzo comments: “This format is fun, light-hearted and generates conversation, as the viewers can all reflect on their time at school. Christian is the perfect host for the new series, and I can’t wait for the audience to see how the celebrities get on when they leave their glamourous lives and go back to school…”

    Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations at Banijay adds: “Celebrity School is an upbeat entertainment show where school meets fun. With a great reception from viewers in Europe and LATAM, this format is very adaptable in different markets, tapping into the universality of school experiences and celebrity culture.”

    Originally created by Brainpool (Banijay Germany), Celebrity School has enjoyed five seasons to date on Sat 1 and was also produced in Argentina in 2022. It was previously adapted in Spain for Valencian broadcaster À Punt in 2020, where the series was the best launch for an entertainment programme in the regional channel’s history.

  2. Celebrity School Travels to Spain Via Banijay Group’s Cuarzo

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    Cuarzo today announces À Punt has commissioned Celebrity School, a new entertainment show based on the original format from Brainpool, a fellow Banijay Group company. The 8 x 120’ series will air in a primetime slot from April.

    Pitting a panel of three celebrities against groups of school brainboxes of varying grades, this is a show packed with surprises and unique music, trivia and action challenges. With VTs of childhood classrooms, expect to be projected back in time as Cuarzo presents family entertainment at its very best.

    The famous contestants face three rounds of four games each inspired by a chosen school topic such as Art, Maths or Science. They meet the youngest children first, but that doesn’t make for an easy start. As the quiz progresses, the groups of three kids get older, the questions get trickier and the points get bigger. The final speed round can lead to dramatic changes in fortune and the winners get cash for their current or former schools.

    In Spain, the show will be hosted by Eugeni Alemany, with contestants including singers David Bustamante, Rosa Gisela, Sweet California and retired basketball player, Romay, amongst other well-known Valencian celebrities.

    Juan Ramón Gonzalo at Cuarzo comments: “In challenging times, people often need entertainment and distraction. We were incredibly lucky to be able to produce Celebrity School before Spain was forced to shut down and as such, bring À Punt some new and light fun for its schedule.”

    Celebrity School will be produced by Cuarzo, a Banijay Group company and executive produced by Andrea Olivas. The show is based on Brainpool’s hugely successful format of the same name, which has enjoyed three seasons to date on Sat.1, with a fourth scheduled for 2020.