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  1. CJ ENM and Bunim/Murray Productions Unveil New Large-Scale Physical Game Show, Cash Back

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    Asian TV giant, CJ ENM, and leading U.S. producer, Bunim/Murray Productions (Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Real World), today announce the launch of a new co-produced physical game show, Cash Back. Already commissioned by South Korea’s tvN for two pilot episodes, the original format champions athleticism and fun, while tapping into the world of Moneymojis.


    In each episode ofCash Back,top-tier athletes, including Olympic gold medalists and national champions, navigate crazy obstacles to bank as much money as possible. But there is a catch. The money is in the form of Moneymojis – objects of various shapes, sizes and weights that are difficult to move. There is no point in just grabbing the Moneymojis. They must collect them from the obstacle courses and safely bring them to the vault. Combining fitness with brainpower, the game will unfold in a gigantic set, where three teams of Moneymoji Hunters will battle it out each episode. Across three rounds of obstacles, they will be tested on jumping, power and climbing, to reach the final round.


    In the local version for tvN, 18 top Korean athletes from seven sports, including MMA, speed skating, basketball, gymnastics, water polo, swimming and Korean wrestling, have joined the cast to hunt for cash.


    CJ ENM’s producer Kim In-ha comments:“Because we can live stream popular TV shows from other countries anywhere these days, there seems to be no border when it comes to content. With this trend in mind, we worked with Bunim/Murray Productions to create a show that can be enjoyed globally.”


    Gil Goldschein, Chairman, Bunim/Murray Productions comments: Cash Back has all the makings of a top entertainment format – originality, high stake challenges and the novelty factor. Combining fun with athleticism, this is the uplifting show that could be a welcome relief for audiences across the world post Covid-19.”


    The show will broadcast for two weeks starting on Sunday, April 19th. Control over international distribution of the format lies with CJ ENM (Asia) and Bunim/Murray Productions (worldwide excluding Asia).