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  1. Banijay Italia’s 100% Heads To France For Its First Adaptation

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    Content powerhouse Banijay today announces Banijay Production Media will produce the first adaptation of the game show format, 100% for France 2.

    Originally created by Banijay Italia, the one-of-a-kind format sees contestants take turns to guess the tastes, habits, and perceptions of a panel of 100 people. It debuted on TV8 in September 2022, tripling the channel slot average for young viewers and recording stellar ratings during its 154-episode run on access primetime. As well as the regular series, TV8 aired a primetime Christmas episode and four weekly specials in March.

    Hosted in France by Bruno Guillon, three celebrity duos must try to guess the most popular answers given by a wall of 100 people, present in the studio, representative of the French population. Will the contestants work together and guess the most common answers? Only the team that gives the most correct answers will have the chance to play the final round and win up to €150,000 for their preferred charity.

     Nagui, Managing Director of Banijay Production Media, says: 100% is a brilliant entertainment format which probes topics from the light-hearted to the more serious. With its initial success as a buzzworthy game show in Italy, we’re expecting audiences here to love the distinctive feature of 100 people in the studio representing the preferences and opinions of French people. This unique element promises a must-watch for viewers.”

     Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations at Banijay adds: “Globally we are seeing a renewed interest in game shows which have proven successful and it’s great to see 100% begin its international journey. This show delivered audiences in Italy, and with its highly adaptable format points, we are expecting the French version to be equally popular. Banijay Production Media produce high-quality entertainment series and is set to deliver another exceptional production.”

    Banijay Production Media, part of Banijay France, has built a strong foothold in music-based programming with the likes of successful long-running live music shows Tarata or Don’t Forget the Lyrics. The company has expanded its repertoire and it now stands as a premium producer of game and entertainment programming.

  2. Banijay’s Quiz Format, Chacun Son Tour Travels to Spain

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    Banijay today announces that Gestmusic, part of Banijay Iberia, will co-produce the first international adaptation of Chacun son Tour (known in Spain as Te ha tocado) with RTVE. La 1 will air the daily game show, which was created by French label, Banijay Production Media.


    The original French version of Chacun son Tour launched last year on France 2. Fronted by Bruno Guillon, the 250-episode run was the number one show in its slot for global and young demos, increasing audience numbers week-on-week. In Spain it will be hosted by Raúl Gómez.


    Tinet Rubira, Managing Director of Gestmusic says: “Bringing great entertainment to Spain is part of our DNA and Chacun son Tour has all the key components for a high-energy, pulse raising game show. To top it off, we have great contestants ready to play, test out their tactics and share hilarious anecdotes.”


    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds: “Chacun son Tour is a hugely entertaining and family-friendly format, combining general knowledge and fun physical challenges, to deliver a sense of jeopardy with humorous moments for the entire family to enjoy. After a successful launch in France, we have no doubt the Spanish audience will be hooked with this first local adaptation.”


    The format features 30 members of the public who are all in with the chance of winning big.  Two players are randomly selected and go head-to-head in a tense duel of general knowledge. The winner then secures a place at Winning Alley where they attempt to nab prizes by throwing a ball into a winning slot. The winner then faces a new randomly selected player, and the games continue until the end of the show where the final round winner has one shot; a one slot throw in Golden Alley to take home an accumulated prize pot. However, in Chacun son Tour, losing the duel doesn’t mean it is over, as your name can be chosen again in the following episode. Will the contestants choose to play the long game, outsmart the other contestants, and take home a larger sum, or instead will they take their chance earlier on?


    Gestmusic will build on their expertise, having previously produced award-winning formats such as Your Face Sounds Familiar, The Money Drop, Operación Triunfo, Top Gamers and Boom!, amongst others.