Scenery Announces Formula 1 Docu-Series Max Verstappen – Off the Beaten Track

9 February, 2024

Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay, today announces Scenery, a joint venture with Banijay Benelux, will produce Max Verstappen – Off the Beaten Track for Viaplay. The series, a collaboration between Scenery, Viaplay and Verstappen, offers unique glimpses into the life of the three-time Formula 1 world champion, and comes off the success of last year’s acclaimed documentary, Max Verstappen- Anatomy of a Champion.

Max Verstappen – Off the Beaten Track presents a unique opportunity for viewers to explore Verstappen’s passions beyond the F1 circuit, providing intimate insights into his character and race craft. Through three 30-minute episodes, director Nick Hoedeman unveils a hidden side of Verstappen not captured by other cameras ever before. Each episode highlights a different aspect of Verstappen’s passion beyond the F1 track, and in this more intimate setting, the series gains a deeper understanding of this global superstar and his love for racing.

Max Verstappen: “This series shows a side that often remains unseen during the moments on the Formula 1 circuit. ‘Off the Beaten Track’ gives a glimpse of my life, my love for different forms of motorsport and the people who inspire me. I’m proud to collaborate with Viaplay in bringing this unique series to viewers.”

Isidoor Roebers, Scenery Founder and Producer comments: “We reflect with immense pride on the remarkable journey of creating this series for Viaplay and Max Verstappen. Together with director Nick Hoedeman, our dedicated team crafted a truly distinctive series, filmed on location in Monaco, Las Vegas, Austria, Italy, and Amsterdam. Through this captivating documentary, it has been an honour to delve into the life of Max, a perspective that few have had the privilege to witness.”

Peter Nørrelund, Viaplay Group EVP and Chief Sports & Business Development Officer says: “Our collaboration with Max Verstappen on Off the Beaten Track is a testament to our commitment to delivering exclusive and captivating content. In this series, we’ve opened the doors to a side of Max that goes beyond the fast-paced world of Formula 1. This isn’t just about racing; it’s about uncovering the essence of a global superstar. We are thrilled to offer viewers an intimate look into Max’s passions and pursuits outside the circuit, highlighting the depth of his character, and the fervour that fuels his success. We’re proud to present this unique and compelling series that adds another dimension to Max Verstappen”.

The news follows Banijay’s recent launch of Banijay Sports, which signalled its ambitions to grow across sportainment, documentary and digital, via new partnerships, content investments and M&A.