RTVE and Dlo/Magnolia Produce Ruralitas, an Insight into Life in Rural Spain

5 May, 2020

RTVE and Dlo/Magnolia, a Banijay Group company, confirm the launch of a new series for La 2. Ruralitas will hear from those that have chosen to live in the most remote areas of the country.


Ruralitas tours Spain connecting the inhabitants of the sparsely-populated areas with the rest of the country. Locals offer first-hand accounts of living in rural communities and their motivations for doing so; from a cheesemaker in La Rioja, agents from the Alicante Civil Guard, to the mayor of a small town in Almería.


In the first episode, Ruralitas travels to the mountainous inland area of Lugo and the remote village of Pena da Nogueira. This village has only six inhabitants, one of which is Alberto. He shares how he returned to Pena da Nogueira to install his ancestors’ hives and make his passion for bees a way of life.


The episode will also accompany a couple of travelling veterinarians, Verónica and Benito, who, on board their mobile surgical unit, attend to the animals of those living in San Millán de Juarros, southeast of the province of Burgos.


Ruralitas is an original RTVE production in collaboration with Dlo/Magnolia.