This hands-on social experiment format sees two complete strangers meeting for the very first time, and undressing each other in a darkened bedroom. With just 30 minutes to get to know each other, there’s no time to lose.

The large screen by the illuminated bed gives instructions and questions to encourage physical and emotional interaction. Within moments,they’re down to their underwear.  Meanwhile, we get their profiles, with all the juicy details of their personal histories, and directions encourage the interaction between the couple. What happens when they hug for 30 seconds? Or gaze into each other’s eyes?

Based on a series of scientific tests that looked at accelerating the process of falling in love through heightened intimacy, and bodily contact,Undressed puts the theory into practice. After 20 minutes together, each couple faces the kiss test. Will embarrassment overcome them? Will they click or even fall in love? At the end, it’s decision time. Will they stay or will they go?