Disappearing in a modern, 21st century state has become a near impossible task. Our surveillance society catches us on CCTV up to seventy times a day, but the ever-watching eye can see much further than that. Now everything from cash withdrawals to supermarket shopping, telephone calls, our internet history, texts and social media posts are monitored. So just how watched are we?

If you had to disappear tomorrow, for whatever reason – with some of the world’s best missing persons experts looking for you – and the most cutting edge technology keeping tabs on your electronic footprint, could you just vanish? How possible is it to leave your old life behind to start a new one? And how on earth would you go about it?

To find out, seven groups of ordinary people from a cross section of society go on the run, while a crack team of some of the world’s best investigators will hunt them down. In a unique national manhunt, Hunted will dramatically explore the scale of the surveillance state’s all-seeing gaze through an original social experiment, played out before the nation on camera.