Domino Challenge

For the first time ever, we’re taking something that everyone loves, and supersizing them into this all-new sports-inspired competition that takes the art of domino building to a whole new level.

The stakes are higher than ever before as unlike any other competition show – just one tiny, little move is literally the difference between winning it all or a giant epic disastrous fail.

Domino Challenge sees the best domino duos in the country go head to head in our Domino Dome to build some of the most amazing creations ever seen on TV – each episode they’ll face a new build theme with epic twists along the way.

At the end of each episode the creations will topple one by one and our judges will score them out of 10 with the lowest scoring duo eliminated. In the grand finale, the final three teams go head to head in THE “super bowl for dominoes” to create two monumental builds to try to win it all and be crowned the ultimate Domino Challenge champion.