Cops : Revealed

The real people behind the uniform.

In this hard-hitting series, we follow the lives of 10 police officers based at three police stations, in three towns across France.

Being a cop isn’t something you can switch on and off: it’s all-consuming. What does it take to succeed in a career where you might be called upon at any time of the day or night? In this powerful documentary series, we get a unique insight into the employees’ lives both at work and at home. From armed response units and cops on the beat, to female detectives in child protection units, we see their skills, motivations and coping mechanisms in action. With powerful, all-access footage, this is a raw portrait of life as a police officer in 2015. Capturing real life drama as it unfolds, this fly-on-the- wall series takes us deep into the personal lives of the officers involved, and finds out how – and more importantly – why they do the job they do.