Everyone has played tag before but don’t be deceived by your fond memories, in this new prime-time entertainment format, the playground game is anything but child’s play!

In Catch! teams of athletes and free-runners led by celebrity captains, come face to face in a bid to become the first ever champions of tag. The teams compete in many fun, fast and spectacular games, putting players’ speed, agility, reflexes, and stamina to the test.

Throughout each game’s high speed rounds, the teams get to play both “defence” and “attack”, taking turns at chasing and trying to escape, while accumulating points under the watchful eyes of pro referees.

Each game can turn the competitors’ fortunes but only the top-ranking teams will make it to the final and get a shot at the title.

Already a hit in Germany, one of the most universal games finally gets a super-sized treatment, for super-fun TV moments.