All Together Now


Emotions run high as the hopefuls step out onto the stage to sing in front of a carefully selected studio chorus a handpicked cast of 100 great singers, and it is these 100 that decide each contestants fate.

If any of The 100 like what they hear, they dont just vote with a button or turn of a chair they can stand up and join in. The more who join in, the higher the contestant scores and only the highest scorers remain in the competition. In each episode, a whole range of contestants perform. They can be individuals, duos or groups, from all kinds of musical backgrounds – and theyre all bidding to win the most voices out of The 100. With each new performance it becomes a battle of survival as only the top 2 can go through to the final the highest placed singer is sent through automatically with a tense sing off between 2nd and 3rd for the remaining spot.

The 100 remain constant across the series a diverse and brilliant group of singers with their own musical credentials. With big voices and even bigger opinions, their cross-section of musical tastes make for varied reactions to each contestant. The 100 rehearse as an ensemble beforehand so they know all the songs but have no idea whos coming out to perform. But when they all rise to join in as one, the sound is truly spine-tingling.

The grand final is a star studded studio event which sees the top 2 performers from each heat battle it out to win the grand prize. The top 3 with the highest scores then perform in a three way sing off with the ultimate winner taking home 50,000 prize money. From emotional reactions to moments that make you laugh-out-loud, its always broad, inclusive and warm-hearted. An entertaining people show from start to finish.