All Against 1


In this epic battle of wits, a single brave contestant faces the whole nation who plays against him live, via the show’s dedicated app. Contestant and viewers are all asked the same questions, based on the outcome of unique and outlandish experiments, ranging from everyday science to crazy sport’s dares or spectacular stunts. How many children will it take, to pull a 16 ton truck? For how long can a free diver hold her breath inside a shark tank? What’s the top speed reached by a caravan falling from 50 meter high? The answer is literally anyone’s guess – so everyone in the country can play.

The contestant answers alone, while the average of the viewers’ responses via the app determine the nation’s collective answer. Whoever’s answer is the closest banks the money at stake. But there’s only one way to win the jackpot: be closest to the answer for the final question. Can the contestant out smart everybody else or will a lucky viewer, picked at random among the nation’s app players, claim the winnings for himself?