Banijay UK

Banijay UK makes award-winning content in every genre for all the major Broadcasters. The division boasts an impressive heritage, bringing together the industry’s best creative talent and programme makers within companies including RDF, RDF West, Fizz, IWC Media, Touchpaper, Comedy Unit and Bwark. Those companies are responsible for hundreds of hours of programming each year, including ratings hits such as Eat Well for Less, Location Location Location, Wild Things, The Secret Life of 4,5 and 6 Year Olds, Tipping Point, Siblings, Drifters, Badults, Rab C Nesbit, Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing, 100 Year Old Drivers and many more.
Each unique company within the Banijay UK division brings to the market its own identity and specialist knowledge, whilst benefiting from the synergy and support of a central operational team and the wider Banijay group.

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Our People

Peter Langenberg


Based in London and Paris, Peter is the Chief Operating Officer for Banijay Group. He was appointed to the role in November 2016 and is responsible for the Banijay Group operations in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Russia, India and the Netherlands next to his focus on building synergies and increasing development opportunities. Prior to joining Banijay Group, Peter was VP Business Management at Warner Bros International TV Production, a role he held from 2011 to 2016. Before that he was COO for R&D Media Holding and 3 Circles Media Holding. Peter also spent ten years with Endemol, where his roles included Executive Director of Operations for Latin America and later for the entire Endemol Group, and most recently as Managing Director Entertainment for Endemol Nederland B.V.