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Takis Candilis


Takis Candilis was appointed CEO Banijay Studios France in 2016. Prior to join the group, he was CEO at Lagardère Studios since 2008.

Takis started his professional career, in 1977, as director of a short movie called Le Retour du Privé. In 1982, he produced and directed a feature film, Transit. In 1985, he created two production companies, Prony Production and Fnac Communication, for the GMF Group. In 1988, he formed a partnership with Rachel Kahn to create Tara Productions. In 1990, he became Director Assistant, and later general manager of Cameras Continentales. Then he joined Ellipse as Head of Drama in 1994. In 1995, he runs Hamster Productions for Pierre Grimblat. In 1999, he joined TF1 as Head of Drama, then he is named General Assistant Director of TF1 Production, and in 2006, Head of Programs.