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Cyril Hanouna

CEO & Host

Cyril is one of the biggest new sensations of the French media, the presenter of hugely popular radio and television shows. Cyril originally planned to follow his father into a career in medicine, but was lured by the world of television, entering a number of game shows as a young man. This led to a job at the cable channel Comédie!, where he wrote trailer texts and worked as a props man.
Cyril’s first independent success was as the co-writer of comedy series Sur la vie d’ma mère, which aired in 1999 on France 2. This led to a job back at Comédie! as presenter of two seasons of comedy show La Grosse Emission. In the last decade, Cyril has emerged as one of the most popular personalities in France, appearing as a host and panelist on numerous magazine, talent and game shows. His biggest success to date is the hugely successful media panel show Touche Pas à mon Poste, which is one of the biggest programmes ever on a French DTT channel, produced via his company H2O.
In addition, Cyril is a successful radio host, currently with a daily show on Europe 1.