WeiT Media


Key Titles

Your Face Sounds Familiar (Odin vs Odin)
One to One
The Masked Singer
Amazing People

Founded in 2009 by the famous Russian producer Timur Weinstein, WeiT Media is now one of the fastest-developing production companies in the country. In autumn of 2010, WeiT Media gained the status of being the first ever Russian production company to produce projects for Central and Eastern Europe markets. The company launched an adapted version of Wipe Out Show (Wipe Out Cup) for five channels simultaneously: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus. On the January 17th, 2011 the company signed a long-term agreement with “Channel Seven” in Kazakhstan, the largest contract in the CIS between a broadcaster and a production company. This agreement made WeiT Media a priority partner of “Channel Seven” in production, distribution and adaptation of its TV projects. The total viewers of the shows produced by WeiT Media and Endemol for “Channel Seven” in 2011, was about 25%.

By the beginning of 2015, WeiT Media has manufactured over 1650 premier hours of content and about 100 projects in various genres: TV series, TV shows, television, documentary and animated movies.  According to the TNS company, a WeiT Media show Odin v odin, which is a local Russian version of the famous Your Face Sounds Familiar, received the highest ratings amongst TV programmes in 2013, and was also selected as the best project in this genre from the last five years.