Respirator is the oldest comedy production company in Denmark. Founded in 2007 by comedian Omar Marzouk and TV developer Chris Didrik Nørgaard it has through the years produced a good amount of the most popular and controversial Danish comedy shows. The company focuses mainly on satire and comedy, but has also produced some very well received and successful documentaries. The company has helped create a lot of Danish comedy stars and have often pushed the borders of comedy creating debate and public discussions.

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Our People

Chris Didrik Nørgaard


Chris founded Respirator in 2007 with the comedian Omar Marzouk. He started his career in the music industry working with the top names on the Danish charts, and started by composing scores for TV. Quickly his talent for making and analyzing TV brought him to being the Danish CCO of Mastiff, but as his interest was always in comedy, he chose to leave this job to start the oldest existing TV comedy production company in Denmark. Working as a producer on most of the shows, Chris has with Respirator made a significant impact on Danish TV comedy, producing a string of very successful TV comedy shows for multiple channels. Chris has been working with most of the current biggest comedians in Denmark and has through the years pushed the borders for modern satire and comedy on numerous widely debated controversial comedy shows.

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