OP Media


Key Talent


Op Media creates and manages business opportunities and career development across entertainment platforms for their talent. OP educates global brands and entertainment companies in the value and best practices of brand marketing and content promotions, utilising the modern day mainstream platforms of YouTube and social media.

Founded in October 2012 by Liam Chivers, OP Media has pioneered YouTube and online influencer management in the UK. The first true dedicated management company initially set up for top YouTube gaming channels.

Relations in the video games industry proved to be the bedrock of OP’s initial foray into creating various gaming sponsorships for YouTubers. It was so early in this field of brand sponsorships on YouTube, that there was resistance and lack of understanding of the impact that key YouTube influencers could have for brands. Over the next 2 years, Liam educated hundreds of companies, agencies, networks and brands Worldwide into the power of YouTube influencers, and helped develop these once unknown individuals, into modern day mainstream personalities and stars. OP’s top YouTube stars are now seen as far more than just gamers or video makers. From sell out tours, best-selling books and album chart topping music, to worldwide licensed toy ranges, own brand merchandise and globally trending brand content pieces, OP’s talent are now some of the most influential entities in the World.