KM Production


Key Titles

28 Minutes
Secret Life of 4 Year Olds
Cops: Revealed
Heir Hunters

Founded in 1994 by Renaud Le Van Kim, KM Production is a highly versatile television production company which specialises in high-quality content productions: current affairs programming, documentaries and large-scale live promotional events.

The company was originally known for producing France’s best-rated daily talk show, Le Grand Journalon Canal+, which, for over 10 years, featured interviews with Hollywood celebrities and senior French politicians.

KM Production was established as an expert in news and talk shows via long-running title, 28 Minutes, a daily success on Arte.

Now led by Antoine Baldassari, the business has extended its expertise into new genres, with high-end factual content for the main French channels TF1 & France 2 (Eat Well For Less, Vets/Firemen RevealedThe Genealogists) and many documentaries for a large scope of channels (Carlos Le Chacal, Inside Lehman Brothers…)

Among the brands most successful productions are also the coverage of the annual glamorous openings and closing ceremonies of the Cannes Film Festival, and the French national film awards, La Nuit des César.