H2O Productions


Key Titles

It’s Only TV
The Big Wishaway
Sooner or Later

H2O Productions was founded by media personality Cyril Hanouna, well-known in France as a comedian, TV and radio host.

H2O’s flagship production is the daily live hit Touche pas à mon poste, known internationally as It’s Only TV, most popular panel show in France. The humorous, self-reflective and satirical show holds a daily slot on the DTT channel C8, where viewing numbers grew weekly since its launch, becoming a flagship show for the channel. It’s Only TVis also very successful when broadcasted as a Prime Time Format and has been adapted in Lebanon and Italy.

The company is well known for its abundant creativity in studio-based entertainment shows, with a long list of proven hits in daily and prime time slots as well as a wide range of creations (Very Bad Luck, The Big Wishaway, Ultimate Star Quiz,…) with some of them being adapted worldwide (Battle Zik, ..).

In 2019, the company launched its first Scripted show, Les Ombres Rouges.