Key Titles

Ad Honorem
Romulus & Remo: The First King
Husband & Wife
The Hanging Sun

Grøenlandia is a leading independent production company and one of Italy’s most active ones.

Born from the meeting of directors Matteo Rovere and Sydney Sibilia, its goal is to craft stories that revive and bring value to the great Italian audiovisual tradition, nationally and internationally.

Quality, creativity, innovation, talent appreciation and a commitment to making environmentally sustainable productions are at the heart of Groenlandia’s constant development. Successful works include the Masterclass and Ad Honorem (the two sequels of the I Can Quit Whenever I Want saga), Romulus & Remo: The First King, Husband and Wife, Marilyn has black eyes, The Champion, Rose Island, The Beast, and the TV series Romulus, September and The Hanging Sun.