Gétévé Productions


Key Titles

Skam France (S6)
Skam France (S5)
The Red Shadows

Gétévé Productions’ aim is simple: bring together talents and support them to develop and produce high-quality fiction that is innovative, entertaining, and relevant to today’s society.

Over the years, Gétévé Productions has strengthened its reputation thanks to top quality productions, including the first season of the series Occupied coproduced with Yellow Bird, and more recently The Red Shadows, C8’s first scripted original series and  Skam France for France TV Slash web platform, one of the first adaptations of the critically-acclaimed Norwegian format (created and written by Julie Andem). In 2019, Skam France created two new seasons (5 and 6), beyond the Norwegian format which only had four seasons.

The company relies on a team of renowned producers which develop and produce content for both French and International audiences. In 2021 alone, the teams will devise and deliver a range of shows including: 30 vies(6 x 52’ based on the original series written and created by Fabienne Larouche), Polices de Caractères, and seasons 7 and 8 of Skam France to name a few.