Bunim/Murray Productions was co-founded in 1987 by Mary-Ellis Bunim, a soap opera producer, and Jonathan Murray, who had built his career in news and documentaries. The pair initially intended to develop a scripted soap for MTV, but when this proved too expensive they put their skills together – and, with The Real World, the 30th season of which will air in early 2015, the reality genre was born.

In January 2004, BMP Co-Founder Mary-Ellis Bunim passed away. Under the leadership of company Co-Founder Jonathan Murray and Chairman and CEO Gil Goldschein, BMP remains committed to the ideals of creativity, adventure and excellence.

Bunim/Murray Productions has continued to be a leader in reality programming with shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians, The Simple Life and Bad Girls Club. In 2008, the company took over the production (with the Weinstein Company) of mega-hit fashion competition Project Runway.

Since 2006, Bunim/Murray has diversified its entertainment activities in digital opportunities, movies production and also music investments. In early 2013, Bunim/Murray Productions launched a new Spanish-language unit, BMP Latin, to develop and produce programming for the US Hispanic market.

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Our People

Gil Goldschein

Chairman and CEO

Gil Goldschein serves as Chairman and CEO of Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP), responsible for managing the daily operation as well as the growth of the company as both a production studio and international business entity. Prior to being elevated to Chairman and CEO in April 2015, Goldschein served as President.

Goldschein has played an integral role in BMP’s fiscal and production growth over the last 15 years, and the company is thriving under his leadership.

Goldschein, who previously served as General Counsel, has negotiated an unprecedented number of development and production deals, including the deal to produce Emmy Award-winning Project Runway as well as the partnership with Ryan Seacrest Productions to produce Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Jonathan Murray

Founder and Executive Consultant

Widely credited with inventing the modern reality television genre, Jon started out in local TV news, spending six years in news, documentaries, station management and programming at various network affiliates around the US. In 1991, he and his colleague Mary-Ellis Bunim pitched their unprecedented idea for an unscripted drama series to MTV over breakfast; MTV bought the show before lunchtime, and The Real World was born. The innovative series merged Bunim’s experience in scripted daytime dramas with Murray’s documentary and news expertise, and quickly became part of the cultural DNA of young people all over the world.  Murray and Bunim grew their operation into an industry leader, producing such seminal shows as The Simple Life, Emmy®-winner Starting Over, Making the Band and Love Cruise.

Serving as Chairman of BMP until April 2015, Murray was responsible for guiding the creative process that has distinguished the company’s shows since the early 1990s.

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