Banijay Productions France


Key Titles

Party Workers
Good Luck Guys
A Season at the Zoo
Les Cinquante

Banijay Productions was founded in 2008 by two veteran French producers, Alexia Laroche-Joubert and Lionel Vialaneix, both formerly from Endemol France.

Now led by Florence Fayard, the company specialises in reality programming and factual entertainment. Its top-rated formats include the wildly successful reality franchise, Les Ch’tis/Les Marseillais, known internationally as Party Workers, which has continually broken records for W9 over almost 20 seasons and a number of spin-offs. Other hits include: A season at the Zoo and its various spin-offs for France 4, and the adventure competition, Good Luck Guys, another successful brand for W9.

BPF is also known for adaptations of international successes: Temptation Island, Popstars and Weakest Link.