Air Productions was founded in 1993 by Nagui, one of France’s most popular hosts and a perennial winner of viewers’ choice awards. Air Productions got off to a great start with the production of long-running live music show, Taratata, which continues to be broadcast almost 30 years later. Building on it’s strong foothold in music-based programming, over almost three decades, the company has expanded its repertoire with Air Productions now a premium producer of game and entertainment programming.

The company has produced French versions of many third-party titles, mostly with Nagui as host, including The Vault, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush and Everybody’s Equal.

In recent years Air Productions has also developed a number of successful in-house formats for its primary broadcast partner, France 2. These include Hands Off, Chef!, Honey, The Exception and Let’s All Play.

Nagui can be seen daily on daytime television as the face of France’s longest-running game show, Hold on to Your Seat, and in an access slot with daily episodes of Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

The company has also diversified into fiction, with a short-form series Previously and the prime time one off 3 Femmes en Colère (3 Angry Women) and many new projects ongoing.


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Nagui emerged in the 90s as a key French host with its two first successes Everybody’s Equal and Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. In 1993, he founded Air Productions and since then, thanks to daily and prime time hits on the main public channel, Nagui has become one of the most successful French hosts and frequently voted by the viewers as “favorite French host”. Among his main TV hits: Taratata, Don’t Forget the lyrics, Hold on to your seat, Let’s all play…

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