A Fábrica


Key Titles

Minha Vida em Marte
Modo Avião
Pai em Dobro
Barba Cabelo & Bigode

Since its formation in 2016, A Fábrica has established itself as a leader in high-quality scripted content in Brasil. Led by partners Luiz Noronha, Renato Fagundes, Cecilia Grosso, Samanta Moraes and Alberto Elias, the company has produced many of the nation’s top scripted series and films for networks and streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Globo and HBO Max. Amongst its slate of titles: Minha Vida em Marte, Modo Avião, Pai em DobroLulli, Barba Cabelo & Bigode, and Vai Que Cola, Brasil’s highest-rated pay-TV sitcom.