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  1. Wonder Lands Double Commission

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    Wonder, a Banijay Group Company, today announces it has been commissioned to make a new 5×20’ children’s series, Maddie, the Zoo and You, with six accompanying songs, as well as a fourth 20×15’ series of Maddie’s Do You Know? for CBeebies.


    In Maddie, the Zoo and You, presenter and STEM EduTuber, Maddie Moate, will be exploring how the body works and how to stay healthy through the wonderful world of animals. By looking at how they eat, move, communicate and stay comfortable, she will help children understand these things about their own bodies. Also commissioned is Maddie, the Zoo and You Songs, a fun and lively learning accompaniment to the series that will use rhymes and actions to reinforce messages from the show.


    Maddie, the Zoo and You is a spin-off of ratings success, Maddie’s Do You Know?, and Maddie will be back again for a fourth series, talking pre-school viewers through the workings of amazing objects and scientific principles from radio telescopes to where does wind come from and how is jam made? The show uses graphics to explain often complex engineering in an exciting and interesting way, answering questions for inquisitive children and parents alike.


    Sarah Trigg, Executive Producer at Wonder says: “Maddie is an exceptional talent whose energy and enthusiasm really resonates with young audiences. Maddie’s Do You Know? is such a popular and well-loved series, it’s fantastic to see CBeebies expand on this brand with Maddie, the Zoo and You, where she will doing the important job of helping children understand how their bodies work, in a fun and original way.”


    Julia Bond, Commissioning Editor for BBC Children’s says: “We’re delighted to bring more episodes of Maddie’s Do You Know? and the new spin-off Maddie, the Zoo and You to the ever-curious minds of our audience. Understanding how things work, how they are made and where they come from are crucial to understanding the world around us. Maddie, the Zoo and You, will celebrate how amazing our bodies are and how we can stay fit and healthy – a valuable and inspiring addition to the Do You Know? brand.”


    Maddie’s Do You Know? and Maddie, the Zoo and You, will be Exec Produced by Julia Bond, Commissioning Editor, CBeebies and is Executive Produced by Sarah Trigg at Wonder. Maddie’s Do You Know? and Maddie, the Zoo and You will be distributed globally by Banijay Rights.


  2. Wonder to Make Billy Connolly Travelogue For ITV

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    Wonder, a Banijay Group Company, today announces it has been commissioned to make a 3×60’ documentary series, Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail for ITV.


    The epic three-part programme will see Billy Connolly telling the incredible story of the Scottish people in America. He will be travelling off the beaten track to places in the US rarely seen or heard about, letting audiences see the ‘land of the free’ through the eyes of one of Britain’s favourite comedians.


    Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail will follow the migratory journey of the Scots, beginning in Plymouth where the Mayflower pilgrims first landed and finishing in Nashville, Tennessee. The show will explore the indelible footprint the Scots have left on American history through music, football, gangsters, real-life moonshiners and US Presidents with Scottish heritage.


    Mike Reilly, Executive Producer at Wonder said: “This series will show a side to America and to Billy Connolly that has never been seen before. It is a privilege to be working with such an amazing talent, and to bring his unique view of the world to our screens.”



    Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail was commissioned by Jo Clinton Davis, Controller of Factual, ITV and is Executive Produced by Mike Reilly is at Wonder. Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail will be distributed globally by Banijay Rights.














  3. Wonder to Make Dementia Series for BBC Two

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    Filmed over the course of two years, Living With Dementia (w/t) will be unique for television, taking a longitudinal look at the illness. The length of filming will allow for the exploration of everyday life with dementia in all its complexities, and will allow us work with people with dementia and their families to track changes, subtle or significant, over a longer period of time.

    The series will follow up to six people with dementia at different stages of the condition, to capture a powerfully candid insight into what it is like for them and the people around them. It will explore the complexity of this life-changing illness, how it can vary from day to day and how small shifts in the brain can have an unpredictable impact on people.

    Contributors will be opening up their lives, allowing the series to follow the major events, but also the small, everyday moments that show how each person makes sense of their condition. What does it mean to deal with the shifting sands of a changing brain? How do identities and relationships change as dementia progresses? Life doesn’t end as dementia begins and this series will chart the ups and downs of each person’s journey.

    Living With Dementia (w/t), a 2 x 6o series for BBC Two, is made by Wonder. The Executive Producer for Wonder is Alexandra Fraser. It was commissioned by Tom McDonald, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual and Natural History and Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two. The Commissioning Editor is Abigail Priddle.

  4. Wonder Wins Double Commission from BBC Three

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    Wonder (previously known as 7 Wonder), a Banijay Group Company has been commissioned by BBC Three for two new factual series, Work It, 4×15’ and Deadstock, 4×15’.


    In Work It, three inspiring fitness instructors, who have each overcome incredible challenges, will be working with people in a very special gym that welcomes all shapes, sizes and physical abilities. Across the series, the instructors will meet inspiring people whose experiences will reflect issues such as grief, body image and low self-esteem. With unique fitness plans, they will aim to help people not only learn to love exercise, but love the skin they are in.


    With the second hand trainer market going through the roof, Deadstock will look at the serious amount of money that can be made from the most unexpected items and charity shop finds; from Pokémon cards to My Little Ponies and rare vinyl to designer bum bags. Two savvy ‘Resellers’ will set up the Deadstockwarehouse and offer free authentications, giving jaw-dropping valuations, whilst revealing the fascinating stories of how people came to own the unusual articles. The show will also follow the seller’s journey as they embark on putting their prized possessions on the market.


    Sarah Trigg, Executive Producer at Wonder said: “Both series have been hugely enjoyable and exciting to develop. It’s great to bring fresh new talent to BBC Three via two new fact-ent formats. Both shows mix entertainment with fun, fascinating and often moving stories from young people, on a platform that speaks directly to them.”


    Nasfim Haque, Commissioning Editor at BBC Three said: “I’ve loved working with Wonder and their fantastic new team in Birmingham. I am incredibly proud of both these series as they feel relevant, fresh, stylish and absolutely joyous to watch.”


    Both Work It and Deadstock were commissioned by Nasfim Haque, Commissioning Editor, BBC Three, with Sarah Trigg Executive Producing for Wonder. Work Itand Deadstock will be distributed globally by Banijay Rights.