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  1. Germany’s Temptation Island V.I.P. Starts October 15th on TVNOW

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    Banijay Productions Germany confirms Temptation Island V.I.P. will launch on 15th October on TVNOW. Welcoming four VIP couples at a crossroads in their relationship, the series will find out how serious they really are about one another. Putting their loyalty to the test are Willi and Jasmin Herren (married since 2018), Giulia Siegel and her boyfriend Ludwig (a couple since 2016), Calvin and his girlfriend Roxy (still together after meeting on Temptation Island 2019) and Stephie Schmitz and Julian Evangelos, who have been going strong since meeting on Love Island 


    24 hot-blooded singles looking for love – 12 women and 12 men – move into two luxurious villas together with four VIPs of the opposite sex. Also among the singles are some well-known faces, who have appeared in previous shows. First, the VIPs must choose their favourite single the woman or man they believe could become the most dangerous of their relationship Stephie chooses the only single man, Julian. But what will be the choice of the other seven VIPs? 


    Immediately after, all the celebs move into the villas with the singles and the party starts! Calvin in particular enjoys the attention of all the ladies – he is sure Roxy won’t have a problem with that, as she already knows him and his party behaviour from the previous season. Others, however, are finding the separation harder, with tears flowing the following morning – but there is no time for the blues: individual and group dates are coming up and are set to distract the VIPs from their longings. How will Giulia and Willi deal with the unusual situation? Was “King Ludwig” faithful to Giulia or did he fall vulnerable to the ladies? Who will stay strong and who will give in to temptation?  


    Temptation Island V.I.P. is a Banijay format and is distributed globally by Banijay Rights.