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  1. Banijay’s The Money Drop Returns to Spain

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    Banijay today confirms Atrapa un millón (The Money Drop) has been commissioned for a new run byAtresmedia after a seven-year hiatus. Gestmusic, a Banijay Iberia company, will once again produce the format which returns soon to Spain.


    International hit-format, The Money Drop, is a high-stakes game show where a pair of contestants are given their prize at the start of the show – bundles of real cash. Just eight questions stand between them and their chance to take home the money. All they have to do is keep hold of it.


    Played out on the Drop – a fiendish device with four trapdoors, on which the answers to each question are displayed – contestants must correctly answer general knowledge questions if they want to retain their prize. As the questions get progressively harder, will the contestants be brave enough to place the money on one answer or play it safe and spread the wealth across several? If they put their money on the right trap, they could walk away with a life-changing sum of money, but if wrong, they will watch it fall into the void…


    Tinet Rubira, Managing Director of Gestmusic comments: “Having last produced The Money Drop in 2014, the revival will be everything the Spanish audience loved about the original show, with a new modern feel. Full of suspense and drama, you can’t help but become invested in the contestant’s journey.”


    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay says:The Money Drop consistently delivers high-quality entertainment with the core game show pillars of excitement and jeopardy that captivate audiences. Following a successful revival earlier this year in Israel, it’s fantastic to see another return, demonstrating the format’s timeless appeal.”


    Originally created in 2010 by Remarkable TV, part of Banijay UK, The Money Drop has been adapted in over 54 territories including the U.S. and France. In Poland, the 22nd season of Endemol Shine Poland’s show for TVP2 consolidated at +73% on slot average and the successful reboot in Israel returned after a decade off-air and its launch was up +53% vs slot average.

  2. Endemol Shine Israel Brings The Money Drop to Reshet

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    Endemol Shine Israel, a Banijay company, today announces Reshet has ordered a new version of global hit game show, The Money Drop.


    The Money Drop, one of the most successful game shows in the world, is making a return to Israel, on new broadcaster Reshet, after a decade off-air. Originally created by Remarkable Television, the format has been adapted in over 53 territories to date.


    The high-stakes entertainment series sees contestants begin with a huge cash prize which they can only keep if they correctly answer multiple choice questions. If they answer incorrectly, their winnings fall through a trap door and are gone forever.


    Amir Ganor, CEO of Endemol Shine Israel comments: “This format offers entertainment at its very best. After a ten-year hiatus, we can’t wait to produce this nail-biting game show with Reshet, bringing The Money Drop to a new generation of Israelis and welcoming back those that previously loved the show.”


    Ami Glam, CCO Reshet 13, Head of 13Global: “The Money Drop is a game show much-loved by fans who can’t help but play along and live vicariously through the contestants. With just eight questions standing in the way of a big win, this format is packed with excitement and jeopardy.”


    Endemol Shine Israel is one of Israel’s leading TV production companies. Its multi-genre formats have won great success both in the local and international markets, with its notable shows including Big Brother, Queens, Fifty, Valley of Tears and Games of Chef.