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  1. Banijay Productions France Seduces W9 with Temptation Island Comeback

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay, today announces creator of Good Luck Guys and The Fifty, Banijay Productions France, will revive Temptation Island for W9. This commission sees the globally renowned format return to French screens this month after five years.

    Temptation Island sees couples at a crossroads in their relationship embark on a journey to test their commitment. Separated in two different beach resorts, the couples interact with a group of singles to determine if their love is strong enough to withstand the challenges they will encounter on the island. Will the couples return home stronger than ever, part ways, or perhaps have formed a new connection with one of the singles?

    The hit reality format previously enjoyed nine seasons of success in France, last airing in 2019. Distributed globally by Banijay, Temptation Island has been adapted in 26 countries including Italy, Germany, Finland, and most recently, India. It also celebrated its 100th series on-air last year and the sixth season of the Spanish version produced was consistently number one in its slot and the most watched show of the day. 

    Florence Fayard, CEO Banijay Productions France says:Temptation Island is a tried and tested global hit, enticing viewers around the world with its drama, emotional declarations, and conversation-inciting topics. At Banijay Productions France, we love to produce bold reality formats and we are very much looking forward to using our expertise in the genre to bring this exceptional IP back to France.”

    Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations adds: “This deal is evidence of the continuing trend for creatively-evolving formats for new audiences. We know Temptation Island delivers, and, twenty years on, we’re seeing versions commissioned for Mexico, Brazil, and Chile/Argentina, as well as the first Indian series. Not only is it culturally adaptable, but also highly scalable, importantly without losing any of the core elements which makes it so popular.”

    This format adds to Banijay Productions France’s premium non-scripted slate of global adaptations and locally-created hits which have all sold internationally. This includes reality series Party Workers, which has enjoyed over 20 seasons for W9 and has recently sold to Germany; Good Luck Guys, which has had seven versions produced to date; and The Fifty, which has been adapted for the German and US Hispanic market. More recently, they launched the French adaptation of Save the Date for M6.

  2. Temptation Island Entices Poland For Its First Season

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse Banijay today announces Endemol Shine Poland (a Banijay company) will produce the region’s first version of the hit international reality format, Temptation Island. The series will premiere on Polsat this autumn.

    Temptation Island sees couples embark on a journey to test their commitment to each other. Separated into two different villas, the couples interact with a group of singles to determine if their love is strong enough to withstand the temptations and challenges they will encounter on the island. Will the couples return home stronger than ever, part ways and return home alone, or perhaps have formed a new connection with one of the singles?

    The new Polish adaptation of Temptation Island is the 25th market to adapt the show and comes after the recently announced productions for Mexico, Brazil and Argentina/Chile following an agreement between Banijay Mexico & US Hispanic,  Endemol Shine Brasil and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, the IP enjoys long-running success in territories such as The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the US where its latest season marked the 100th globally for the format.

    Ryszard Sibilski, Managing Director Endemol Shine Poland says:Temptation Island has captured audiences around the world and I am looking forward to bringing our local feel to the format. The beautiful settings, combined with the intense emotional journey, promise a riveting viewing experience for Polishaudiences.”


    Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations at Banijay adds: “This hit relationship experiment  format grips viewers as it is full of drama,  taps into universal themes and relatable emotions. This latest commission alongside that of the hub in LATAM demonstrates the strength of this IP and the continued desire for high-volume reality programming.”

    Endemol Shine Poland has over 20 years of experience producing hit shows including local adaptations of renowned brands Don’t Forget The Lyrics, MasterChef, LEGO Masters, Your Face Sounds Familiar, All Together Now, You Can Dance. New Generation, Money Drop and Big Brother amongst others. In addition, it is behind premium scripted programming such as Our Century for TVP 1 and Squared Love for Netflix.

  3. Mediaset España Confirms Temptation Island Companion Show, The Last Temptation

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    Banijay today confirms Cuarzo Producciones, part of Banijay Iberia, is developing a brand-new companion show for the Spanish version of Temptation Island (La Isla de las Tentaciones). The Last Temptation (La Última Tentación), produced in collaboration with Mediaset España, will be recorded this summer.


    La Isla de las Tentaciones host, Sandra Barneda, will front The Last Temptation. Featuring well-known faces from the first three seasons of the main show, they are joined by their current partners to talk about their relationships and put the strength of their love to the test. Was the decision they made at the final bonfires the right one? Is their current partner the ultimate one? Or will they fall back into temptation?


    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay says: Temptation Island is the ultimate relationship test which continues to grip audiences around the world. The format is ever-evolving, and this latest iteration illustrates the enduring strength of the show. We’re giving fans more of what they love, as well as greater scope to open up meaningful conversations about fidelity and trust.”


    Juan Ramón Gonzalo, Managing Director of Cuarzo Producciones comments: “The show has got everyone talking and the buzz generated has grown with each new series. We’re excited to build on the success of the show and The Last Temptation is the perfect vehicle for the audience to re-connect with those whose lives we all became invested in.”


    Jaime Guerra, Production Director of Mediaset España says: “The three editions of Temptation Islandshown so far, have managed to attract more and more viewers with unprecedented numbers among young audiences on Spanish TV in the last 20 years. Because of that, we have decided to go one step further by creating and developing this new version with Cuarzo Producciones, which will add interesting surprises about the original format. We trust that The Last Temptation will maintain, or even increase the success it has gained inside the Spanish audience and that will spread to other territories.”


    The third season of the Spanish adaptation of Temptation Island closed in March as not only the most viewed format in the country, with a 26.3% share and an average audience of 3.1 million, but also the most followed by young people in the last 20 years. Leading its timeslot with more than a 17-point advantage, La Isla de las Tentaciones hit 33.4% in the commercial target compared to its competitor’s 6.7%.


    This year marks 20 years since the social experiment relationship format Temptation Island first hit screens. With 25 local adaptations to-date, the show continues to be a ratings success from Spain to the US, where the latest series increased channel share by 90+%, Germany, Italy and beyond. Earlier this year, Banijay Rights announced African streaming service Showmax has acquired the title for its first ever adaptation in South Africa.


    Temptation Island is a Banijay format and is distributed globally by Banijay Rights.

  4. Temptation Island Travels to South Africa

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    Banijay Rights today announces African streaming service Showmax has acquired social experiment relationship format, Temptation Island, for adaptation in South Africa.


    Temptation Island South Africa will be produced by Afrokaans Film & Television, with an order of 12 episodes set to launch later this year. This is the first international reality TV series format, to be licensed by the SVOD service owned by the MultiChoice Group. Afrokaans also produces the South African version of Banijay’s adventure reality format, Survivor, which is due to air its eighth season this summer.


    Robin Pollok, VP of Sales, Banijay Rights, comments: “We are excited to collaborate with Showmax and Afrokaans to develop a local adaptation of Temptation Island for South African viewers. The format has already captivated international audiences, as it centres on the universal theme of being at a crossroads in profound relationships, bringing them on an emotional journey with the ups and downs of any love relationship.”


    Temptation Island South Africa is going to be must-watch and must-tweet TV,” says Candice Fangueiro, Showmax’s Head of Content. “South Africans love reality TV; our audience has already devoured the first two seasons of Temptation Island USA so we’re confident there’s an appetite for more, especially when we add some uniquely South African spice.”


    With 25 local adaptations to date, including Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands, the highly anticipated Temptation Island USA series 3 premieres 16th February 2021 on USA Network. Presented by Mark Wahlberg, four new couples are packing up their emotional baggage and heading to Maui, Hawaii, for the ultimate test of their relationship. Joined by 24 sexy single men and women looking to find everlasting love, these couples must decide whether to commit to a lifetime together – or if they will ultimately give in to the temptation from the singles looking to find “the one.”  The US version of Temptation Island is executive produced by Banijay Studios North America’s David Goldberg, Dan Morando and Trifari Williams.

    Banijay Rights handles international distribution for both format and finished tape sales. For more information, please visit www.banijayrights.com.

  5. Germany’s Temptation Island V.I.P. Starts October 15th on TVNOW

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    Banijay Productions Germany confirms Temptation Island V.I.P. will launch on 15th October on TVNOW. Welcoming four VIP couples at a crossroads in their relationship, the series will find out how serious they really are about one another. Putting their loyalty to the test are Willi and Jasmin Herren (married since 2018), Giulia Siegel and her boyfriend Ludwig (a couple since 2016), Calvin and his girlfriend Roxy (still together after meeting on Temptation Island 2019) and Stephie Schmitz and Julian Evangelos, who have been going strong since meeting on Love Island 


    24 hot-blooded singles looking for love – 12 women and 12 men – move into two luxurious villas together with four VIPs of the opposite sex. Also among the singles are some well-known faces, who have appeared in previous shows. First, the VIPs must choose their favourite single the woman or man they believe could become the most dangerous of their relationship Stephie chooses the only single man, Julian. But what will be the choice of the other seven VIPs? 


    Immediately after, all the celebs move into the villas with the singles and the party starts! Calvin in particular enjoys the attention of all the ladies – he is sure Roxy won’t have a problem with that, as she already knows him and his party behaviour from the previous season. Others, however, are finding the separation harder, with tears flowing the following morning – but there is no time for the blues: individual and group dates are coming up and are set to distract the VIPs from their longings. How will Giulia and Willi deal with the unusual situation? Was “King Ludwig” faithful to Giulia or did he fall vulnerable to the ladies? Who will stay strong and who will give in to temptation?  


    Temptation Island V.I.P. is a Banijay format and is distributed globally by Banijay Rights.  

  6. Temptation Island to Return to Finland This Autumn

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    Nelonen and Banijay Finland, a Banijay Group company, today announce Temptation Island is set to return for an eighth season this autumn. The latest 22×60’ Finnish run emerges as Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease in the territory.


    The local version, based on the Banijay-owned hit reality format, will follow the journey of unmarried couples at a crossroads in their relationship. Together, they will travel to a secluded location in Finland, where they separate and join a group of eligible singletons. Will they embrace the ‘single life’? Address some difficult realisations about themselves and their relationship? Or will it reinforce their feelings for one another?


    Temptation Island, which has already enjoyed stellar ratings in previous seasons, offers escapism, entertainment and familiarity in a time of great uncertainty. With safety remaining of utmost importance to Banijay Finland, production will be executed in line with all current restrictions, legal and governmental guidelines.


    Tatu Ferchen, CEO of Banijay Finland commented:“We are incredibly proud to be in a position to get productions up and running again in Finland. While a number of restrictions remain in place, we will take all the necessary measures to provide a safe environment for our cast and crew. Temptation Island provides the perfect balance of escapism, drama and entertainment and as a proven staple of schedules worldwide, could be the distraction audiences need at the end of these dark few months.”


    This latest commission follows a raft of successful global adaptations of the format including Spain, where the first season on Cuatro and Telecinco closed with 3.6 million viewers.  To date, the show, which is distributed by Banijay Rights, has enjoyed 19 versions globally.

  7. Spain Continues to Love La Isla de las Tentaciones

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    Banijay Group’s Cuarzo Producciones’ first season of La Isla de las Tentaciones has got everyone talking! The local adaption of the hit format Temptation Island, distributed globally by Banijay Rights, has launched with great ratings, securing 3 million viewers across Telecinco and Cuatro on its first outing on 9 January. Airing on both channels, the show has repeatedly attracted high audience numbers, as well as breaking records for its companion show.


    Beyond the ratings, the series also scored high across social media. The first episode received 186,543 messages during its broadcast and four hashtags were trending with the recent bonfire clip featuring Christofer going viral. Elsewhere, @islatentaciones gained 30,000 followers in a day on Instagram and more than 3 million profile visits over the course of a week. News regarding one of the contestants on Instagram Live has also become one of the most visited pages on Mediaset’s website.


    The series continues on Telecinco and Cuatro this week.

  8. Ratings Flash

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    It has been a big week for ratings across Banijay Group! First up, Spain’s adaption of Temptation Island (La Isla de las Tentaciones) became the number one show of the evening, drawing 3 million viewers across Telecinco and Cuatro. Produced by Cuarzo Producciones and distributed by Banijay Rights, the show also  drummed up significant buzz on social platforms with the hashtag #LaIslaDeLasTentaciones1 trending on twitter.


    Elsewhere, Air Productions’ Don’t Forget The Lyrics had a great start to 2020 breaking its own record by this week attracting 2.8m viewers (+25% on season average) to its first episode and 4.2m for episode 2 (+30% on season average).

  9. Banijay Studios North America Hires Rebecca Mayer as Executive Vice President of Programming and Development

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    Production and development executive Rebecca Mayer has joined Banijay Studios North America, a Banijay Group company (“Temptation Island,” “Survivor”, “Wife Swap”), in the newly created position of Executive Vice President of Programming and Development. Mayer will focus on expanding the studio’s development and current slate in the U.S., creating original content for broadcast, cable and streaming. This includes collaborating with Banijay’s independent international producers on creating English-language programs based on new and proven formats.  She will report to David Goldberg, President and CEO, Banijay Studios North America and will be based in Los Angeles.


    Goldberg said: “I am thrilled to welcome Rebecca to the Banijay family.  Her extensive producing experience, creativity and infectious enthusiasm make her the ideal choice to oversee our development and programming departments. I have no doubt that she will be a great asset to the future of our company.”


    Prior to joining Banijay, Mayer was a development consultant and producer under an overall deal at the Universal Television Alternative Studio for three years.  She worked on formats including NBC’s comedy competition series “Bring the Funny,” musical competition series “Songland” and sports competition series “The Titan Games,” hosted by Dwayne Johnson. Mayer has served as showrunner and executive producer on docu-series, reality, live, and live-to-tape formats in the U.S. and UK, including the news talk series “TakePart Live” (Pivot), “Toddlers & Tiaras” (TLC) and “FABLife” (Disney/ABC). Mayer began her career in casting (Intervention, Kid Nation) and has worked extensively in production and development.


    David Goldberg launched Banijay Studios North America in April, 2014 after pioneering the reality TV genre as founder of Endemol USA, where he churned out a broad portfolio of hits such as “Big Brother,” “Deal or No Deal,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Steve Harvey,” and “Wipeout.” Banijay Studios North America’s recent credits include “Child Support” with Ricky Gervais, hosted by Fred Savage; the iconic international hit formats “Temptation Island,” currently in its second season on USA, “Wife Swap,” currently in its second season on Paramount Network, and the upcoming original comedy competition series “Don’t” (ABC), a collaboration with producing partner Ryan Reynolds, hosted by Adam Scott.


    Headquartered in Los Angeles, Banijay Studios North America (BSNA) creates original network, syndicated and cable programming and develops Banijay’s successful formats for the U.S. market.


    Mayer is repped by WME and Schreck Rose.


  10. Give in to Temptation!

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    Channel Seven today announced it will reboot one of the most sizzling reality shows in television history: TEMPTATION ISLAND.


    TEMPTATION ISLAND follows four dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationships, where they must mutually decide if they are ready to commit to one another for the rest of their lives – or go their separate ways.


    Together, the couples travel to an island paradise where they live the “single life”, housed separately with a bunch of sexy singles who try to tempt them away from their relationships. In the end, will the couples leave together? Will they leave with one of the island’s “tempters”? Or will they break up and go home alone?


    Seven’s Director of Network Programming Angus Ross said: “From risque parties to romantic adventures, Temptation Island is the ultimate test of faithfulness.


    “It’s a fascinating exploration of the familiar vs the fantasy relationship. Most of us have an ideal mate in mind and Temptation Island actually allows participants to meet that person and compare it with their present relationship. It then asks the question, will they stay or stray?”


    The recent return of TEMPTATION ISLAND in the US after 15 years saw a 92% above slot average for the 18-49 female demo on the USA Network. The series was recommissioned after just three episodes. The record-breaking season finale attracting 1.7m viewers, 68% above slot average.


    TEMPTATION ISLAND is a Banijay Studios / Screentime format. The original Australian series aired on Seven in 2002. The reboot will be produced by Seven Studios. Matt Apps is Executive Producer.


    Casting is now open to couples at a crossroad in their relationship, willing to put their love to the ultimate test. Tempted? Go to www.temptationisland.com.au now!

  11. Temptation Island Travels to Spain

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    Cuarzo TV, a Banijay Group company, and Mediaset España, today announce the first Spanish remake of Temptation Island La Isla de las Tentaciones, based on the Banijay Rights-owned format.


    La Isla de las Tentaciones is the ultimate test of faithfulness, following dating couples at a pivotal time in their relationship, where they must mutually decide if they are ready to commit to one another for the rest of their lives — or should go their separate ways. Together, the couples travel to an island, where they join 20 eligible men and women. There, they live the “single life,” in a test that is meant to help answer their most difficult questions about their relationship.


    Juan Ramón Gonzalo comments: “Temptation Island has long been a key format in the Banijay catalogue, and we have no doubt it will resonate with our audiences here in Spain. With love and drama at the heart of the show, it has all the elements of a primetime hit.”


    La Isla de las Tentaciones will be executive produced by Cuarzo TV’s Juan Ramón Gonzalo and directed by Hugo Tomás.


    The Spanish commission follows a raft of significant global sales that have now been secured for the format.  In New Zealand, national broadcaster TVNZ has commissioned Screentime New Zealand to produce a local version for its VOD platform, while in the Netherlands, RTL Nederland has picked up the finished tape version of the show for its VOD service Videoland.


    Moving to Germany, Banijay Productions Germany will produce the hotly anticipated remake, jointly commissioned by RTL and TV NOW, for Mediengruppe RTL’s VOD service.  With the local production of Temptation Island already in its fifth season on Nelonen, the Finnish commercial channel has also acquired the US finished tape.


    Meanwhile, a Canadian sale for the US reboot of the series was announced at the beginning of the year. Sold to Canada’s number one content creation company, Bell Media, the series aired on the business’ top-rated channels, including E! Entertainment, where it premiered, CTV’s network, and the leading Canadian SVOD service, Crave. The sales follow the recent success of Banijay Studios North America’s Temptation Island on USA Network, where it was revived, revamped and relaunched to 1.36 million viewers.


  12. USA Network Renews ‘Temptation Island’ for Season 2

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    NEW YORK, NY – February 26, 2019 – USA Network today announced a second season pickup for its buzzy reality series TEMPTATION ISLAND. Set to film later this year, Mark L. Walberg will return to host an extended 12-episode sophomore run, which will include a reunion special. Produced by Banijay Studios North America, TEMPTATION ISLAND is currently airing its first season on USA on Tuesdays at 10/9c, with the seventh episode set to premiere tonight.


    Since its January 15 debut, TEMPTATION ISLAND has grown its audience by double digits (+34% P18-49, +36% P25-54, +23% total viewers) thanks in part to strong social buzz (#1 new cable series of the year for social engagements). The series is also the #1 original cable series in its time period for P18-34.*


    TEMPTATION ISLAND follows four unmarried couples at a crossroads in their relationship. Each must decide whether to commit to each other or ultimately give in to the temptation – a decision that could change the course of their life forever. Together, the couples travel to a romantic paradise, where they join 24 sexy single men and women all in search of love. Brace yourselves for hot and heavy nights as the couples embark on an adventure to begin dating these new prospects.


    Information on how to apply to be a cast member for Season 2 can be found at USANetwork.com.


    Will they stay or will they stray? Fans can share their predictions and follow along on social via:


    Facebook:  Facebook.com/TemptationIslandUSA

    Twitter:  @TemptationTV

    Instagram:  @TemptationTV

    Hashtag:  #TemptationIsland


    *Source: Nielsen; 1/15/19-2/19/19; L3 (000). Tues. 10p-11p cable entertainment program averages (all telecasts) with at least two three telecasts, excludes sports; ListenFirst, TV Universe Digital Audience Rating, Jan 1, 2019 – Feb 18, 2019