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  1. Banijay Finland Enters The Love Triangle

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    Media and entertainment powerhouse, Banijay, today announces Banijay Finland will produce Love Triangle for MTV3. Known locally as Kolmiodraama, this is the third adaptation for the format originally created by EndemolShine Australia in conjunction with 9Network.

    This revolutionary relationship show turns modern dating on its head by challenging singles to redefine their concept of a perfect match. Through texts and calls, they must choose between two people based solely on a deeper connection. One suitor embodies the singles’ ‘type’ whilst the other reflects a partner with qualities that will bring out the best in them. Will they break their dating patterns? After making their choice, the singles move in together, testing the strength of their bond. But remember, a triangle is made of three… Mid-season, these new couples will soon face a shocking make-or-break twist that turns this experience upside down.

    Love Triangle is currently airing its second season on Australian streaming service, Stan, following a successful first launch. Workerbee TV (part of Banijay UK) has also revealed it will be adapting the format for E4.

    Tatu Ferchen, CEO Banijay Finland says: “Finnish audiences should prepare to be gripped in Love Triangle,as it perfectly addresses modern dating dilemmas fuelled by endless choices on apps and preconceived ideas of what your soulmate will look like. The singles’ journeys are a mix of joy and heartache, promising viewers an emotionally-charged experience packed with drama and surprises.”

    Lucas Green, Chief Content Officer, Operations at Banijay adds:Love Triangle is testament to the creativity and skill of the EndemolShine Australia team in crafting attention-grabbing reality television which global audiences love. We can’t wait to see the local spin added to the Finnish and UK versions, as Love Triangle travels around the world.”

    Banijay Finland is behind local versions of numerous hit prime-time shows including Survivor, The Best Singers, Temptation Island and Home of the Year, as well as creating titles such as Chef Around the World.

  2. Banijay Finland Readies For SAS: Who Dares Wins

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    Banijay today confirms Banijay Finland will produce SAS: Who Dares Wins for Nelonen’s SVOD platform Ruutu. Set to air this year, the latest commission will feature a line-up of celebrities who will be put through an extraordinary series of physical and psychological tests.


    The format sees recruits undertake a unique version of the special forces selection process to discover if they have what is required to be chosen for the elite training corp. The Finnish training team is headed up by Navy veteran Janne Lehtonen, who is joined by a team of former elite servicemen to run the course and provide a unique insight into the process. From endurance tasks to facing their fears and interrogations, the famous faces will be put through their paces in this thrilling and engaging new adaptation.

    Tatu Ferchen, CEO at Banijay Finland comments: “This is a gripping format which we’re delighted to bring to Finland. The celebrities are raring to go and whilst many love the outdoors and fitness, the Nelonen audience will witness them navigate one of the toughest tests of their career.”

    Lucas Green, Global Head of Content Operations at Banijay adds:SAS: Who Dares Wins is an authentic and inspiring format, that has proved a ratings hit from the UK and Australia to Denmark. Showcasing resilience, strength, teamwork, and achievement, as the recruits go beyond their comfort zones, the journey the participants undergo is proving unmissable for audiences of all ages.”

    Created by UK production company Minnow Films, Banijay Rights holds the global distribution rights for SAS: Who Dares Wins. Finland marks the seventh territory to adapt the format with Denmark, Sweden and Australia already producing successful versions. It also continues its strong run in the UK with the latest civilian series at number one in its slot for young adults.

    This commission will add to Banijay Finland’s strong slate of offerings with its key credits including internationally renowned brands such as Survivor, Temptation Island, Dancing with the Stars and The Best Singers amongst others.

  3. Temptation Island to Return to Finland This Autumn

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    Nelonen and Banijay Finland, a Banijay Group company, today announce Temptation Island is set to return for an eighth season this autumn. The latest 22×60’ Finnish run emerges as Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease in the territory.


    The local version, based on the Banijay-owned hit reality format, will follow the journey of unmarried couples at a crossroads in their relationship. Together, they will travel to a secluded location in Finland, where they separate and join a group of eligible singletons. Will they embrace the ‘single life’? Address some difficult realisations about themselves and their relationship? Or will it reinforce their feelings for one another?


    Temptation Island, which has already enjoyed stellar ratings in previous seasons, offers escapism, entertainment and familiarity in a time of great uncertainty. With safety remaining of utmost importance to Banijay Finland, production will be executed in line with all current restrictions, legal and governmental guidelines.


    Tatu Ferchen, CEO of Banijay Finland commented:“We are incredibly proud to be in a position to get productions up and running again in Finland. While a number of restrictions remain in place, we will take all the necessary measures to provide a safe environment for our cast and crew. Temptation Island provides the perfect balance of escapism, drama and entertainment and as a proven staple of schedules worldwide, could be the distraction audiences need at the end of these dark few months.”


    This latest commission follows a raft of successful global adaptations of the format including Spain, where the first season on Cuatro and Telecinco closed with 3.6 million viewers.  To date, the show, which is distributed by Banijay Rights, has enjoyed 19 versions globally.