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  1. Banijay Rights and Scenery Join Forces on Lara vs. Escobar

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    Banijay Rights today announces a partnership with Banijay Benelux joint venture Scenery on Lara vs. Escobar, a brand-new premium feature documentary that recounts the extraordinary reconciliation story behind Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s most famous assassination.

    From BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning director Mags Gavan, Lara vs. Escobar delves into the investigation of the 1984 Escobar-backed murder of Colombia’s Minister of Justice Rodrigo Lara – seen through the eyes of the politician’s son, Jorge Lara.

    Upon learning of his father’s death, Jorge was initially out for revenge. But a twist of fate led him to reconcile with his father’s murderer’s son – Juan Pablo Escobar – and discover they had more in common than they thought: united through childhoods that were ruined by the dark worlds of narcotics.

    Told in a double narrative weaving between past and present, this premium film combines a story of compassion and hope between the two men’s sons as they strive to change the legacies they were dealt as children, while following Jorge’s mission to close the case of his father’s assassination.

    Lara vs. Escobar is produced by Scenery, a joint venture with Banijay Benelux, and is distributed globally by Banijay Rights. The feature will be presented to buyers at MIPCOM in Cannes next week.

    Simon Cox, EVP Content Acquisitions, Banijay Rights, said: Our expansion into the premium feature documentary space is led by this extraordinary modern-day story as told by Scenery and amazing director Mags Gavan – and with no hesitation we decided to take this gripping project to market. Escobar vs. Lara is a reconciliation tale like no other, bringing two of the unlikeliest of friends together to find common ground, with a plot as powerful of some of the world’s best dramas. We’re excited to present this project to our potential partners at MIPCOM next week.”

     Mags Gavan, Director, Lara vs. Escobar, said: “This film was a passion project which I knew I had to make. I dedicated over a decade to getting access to this important story. I started the most inspiring journey which also took me through the worst tragedy whilst developing this film. It’s going to take the audience on the same emotional rollercoaster but hopefully leave them in better, more hopeful place”.

    Lea Fels, Partner at Scenery, said: “The combination of this special project, the collaboration with Mags Gavan and this unique story that we want to bring to a worldwide audience, fits seamlessly with Scenery’s portfolio. We are therefore very proud that Mags entrusted us to start this project with her.”

    Lara vs. Escobar comes on the heels of Scenery and Banijay UK-owned Workerbee’s six-part Netflix docu-series, Human Playground, which launched in 193 territories last month. Narrated by Idris Elba, the high-end docu-series focuses on the origin and evolution of exceptional sports around the world.

    At MIPCOM, Banijay will unveil an impressive range of titles for its autumn slate including format highlights Starstruck, Blow Up, Love Triangle, Le Plus Grand Karaoké de France and MasterChef: Young Talent and Banijay Rights-fronted premium scripted titles: Marie Antoinette, Rogue Heroes, Bali 2002, Serial Lover, and third-party dramas Stonehouse and Riches. These break-out autumn highlights complement the 130,000 hours of globally renowned, stand-out IP within Banijay’s expansive travelling catalogue.

     Visit us at C.20 in front of the steps of the Palais des Festivals.

  2. Human Playground Narrated by Idris Elba Launches on Netflix

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    Human Playground, the six-part Netflix docu-series about the origins and evolution of the most unique sports around the world, will launch internationally in 193 countries on Friday, September 30, 2022. Dutch label Scenery and Manchester- based company, both Banijay companies, have joined forces to co-produce the high-end series, which is narrated by Idris Elba, who also serves as an Executive Producer. The series also brings together editor of BBC Earth & Our Planet, director Tomas Kaan and photographer and creator Hannelore Vandenbussche.

    The high-end docu-series is about the origin and evolution of exceptional sports around the world. From centuries-old rituals to billion-dollar businesses. In six episodes, narrator Idris Elba takes viewers around the world to discover: Why We Play.  The visual spectacle Human Playground dives into the world of, among others, the unique robot camel races in the United Arab Emirates, Big Wave surfing in Nazaré Portugal and Eagle Hunting in Kyrgyzstan.

    Tomas Kaan, Director of Human Playground says: “I knew we had something to grab when we decided to use play as a lens to examine ourselves – the playing human being. However, I could not have imagined in advance how many sides this story has to it. All those smells and colors, emotions, and cultures. Blood and sweat splashing against the lens. Human Playground was an unforgettable adventure in every way.”

    Isidoor Roebers, Producer Human Playground and founder of Scenery says: “After four years of shooting under all kinds of conditions in 25 countries during a pandemic, we are extremely proud of the end result of this Netflix docu-series. The thought that this series will soon be shown all over the world still feels unreal.”

    Rick Murray, Executive Producer and Managing Director of Workerbee says: “When Scenery introduced us to this project it felt like a perfect fit for Idris as narrator, and for Netflix. We are delighted to have helped get the project off the ground, the team in Amsterdam are world class and we hope to work with them again in the not-too-distant future”

    The idea for the series started originally in the form of a book by creator Hannelore Vandenbussche, who was inspired during her work as the assistant photographer on the highly successful photobook: Before they pass away. She has made it her mission to portray the most special sports in the world. “Human Playground takes a look at the most impressive playing fields in the world and shows how far people are willing to go when it comes to playing a game. Human Playground is not just about sports, it’s about what makes us human,” says Hannelore Vandenbussche.

    Thanks to Scenery’s partner in China, Content Connected, Human Playground will also launch on the largest Chinese streamer Youku later this year, bringing the docu-series to more than 1 billion people. It is the first Dutch-produced documentary series to launch worldwide on Netflix. In line with the series, there will also be an exclusive coffee table photo book (published by TeNeues), various art prints, and several art exhibitions will be organized. Among others during UNSEEN, the international photography fair.