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  1. Shopping Night Returns to Real Time

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    Discovery Italia today confirms it has picked up a new series of Shopping Night from Magnolia, a Banijay Group company, for Real Time. The returning 8×60’ hit title is set to air on 19 September at 9.10pm and will see Enzo and Carla reopen the doors of La Rinascente.


    Despite a transmission break, the format is unchanged. Each episode features three fierce competitors, three challenging tests, and three outfits to create. Set in La Rinascente, a labyrinth of clothes, shoes, and accessories, Shopping Night sees the most fashionable style experts of Italian television, Enzo Miccio and Carla Gozzi, take to their posts as co-judges to discover the ultimate queen of shopping.


    This season, La Rinascente will not only open its doors in Milan but also in Rome and Palermo, and as well as welcoming women to the stores, the show will also feature men and influencers.  In each episode, Enzo and Carla, the champions of Italian good taste, will reward those who have proven elegance, style and fashion know-how.


    Shopping Night (8 episodes from 60′) is made by Magnolia, a Banijay Group company, for Discovery Italia’s Real Time. It will also be available on Dplay (www.it.dplay.com – or download the app on the App Store or Google Play). The finished tape and format are distributed by Banijay Rights.