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  1. FameMaker: Stefan Raab and Brainpool develop new music show for ProSieben

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    Brainpool confirms casting is underway for new music show, FameMaker. Produced this summer in collaboration with Stefan Raab for ProSieben, the show promotes “listening with your eyes”.

    In each episode, the judges, known as #FameMakers, must try and determine each contestants’ talent without hearing them sing. Encased in a soundproof dome, each singer will perform on stage and the individuals on the panel must pull their #FameMaker lever if they believe in what they see. Doing so lifts the dome and reveals the singers’ voice. But will the instincts of the #FameMaker be right and will they like what they hear?

    For the finale, the #FameMaker has to produce a performance for their contestant demonstrating the very best their candidate has to offer – no matter their singing ability. After the performances, it is down to the viewer to decide who deserves to win! Will they go for the best singer or will the best entertainer take home the trophy? Stepping up to the judging challenge are German comedy stars Carolin Kebekus, Luke Mockridge and Teddy Teclebrhan, who are themselves immensely musical.

    Stefan Raab:“A good voice does not equal success; success arises in the mind. If this show had existed in 1992, I would have signed up immediately, as I have never been able to sing very well. Don’t miss out, apply now!”

    ProSieben station chief Daniel Rosemann:“In FameMaker, Stefan Raab combines music, comedy and competition. The show promises to be great fun, not least because of our #FameMakers Carolin, Luke and Teddy.”

    You can now apply for FameMaker under www.famemaker.de.

  2. European Song Contest Winner Conchita Wurst and Steven Gätjen Set to Present the Free European Song Contest Live on ProSieben

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    Glamour and gala on the international stage: Conchita Wurst, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, and ProSieben Oscar legend, Steven Gätjen, will present the new Free European Singing Competition from Stefan Raab and ProSieben, live on Saturday, 16 May 2020.


    ProSieben CEO Daniel Rosemann:“Conchita and Steven are the perfect choice for a big, musical evening. Conchita thrilled millions of people with his Eurovision Song Contest performance and won the contest. No one is better placed for this European musical idea. Steven is at home at the world’s big galas and the perfect host with outstanding live experience.”


    Which musician will sing into the hearts of the audience at the #FreeESC for Italy? Who makes Turkey at one with the whole of Europe through its performance? Which performer enchants the audience for Israel? And who will score for Germany? At the Free European Song Contest, prominent musicians perform their songs live for their country of origin on the biggest international stage of the evening in the Cologne-based studio. In the end, the audience awards points and selects the first winner of the new, free European song competition.


    Stefan Raab and ProSieben celebrate a great European music event on television and bring people from all countries together through music.The show is produced by Raab TV, part of Brainpool, a Banijay Group company. Of course, all current legal requirements and those of the health authorities will be met during production.


    The Free European Song Contestairs live at 8.15pm on Saturday, May 16, 2020, on ProSieben and Joyn – #FreeESC.

  3. Stefan Raab and Prosieben Announce Live European Singing Competition

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    Brainpool, a Banijay Group company, today announces that following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Stefan Raab and ProSieben will now produce and broadcast a new competition – the Free European Song Contest. Airing live on Saturday 16 May, the show will celebrate passion, fun and a love for music.

    Following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, spectators and fans across the land shared their disappointment. With a gaping hole left in the schedules, Stefan Raab decided to organise a special-edition competition, an idea enthusiastically supported by Raab’s home station, ProSieben.  

    Stefan Raab comments: “Music connects people, especially in difficult times. This marks the birth of a new, and free, European song competition. This marks the birth of the Free European Song Contest. Special challenges need special solutions and this evening will see Europe come together in a special and unique way.” 

    Daniel Rosemann, Managing Director at ProSieben said: “Stefan Raab loves music and he loves Europe. We are happy about the great opportunity to live and celebrate Europe in these times with a new music competition and are really looking forward to the Free European Song Contest.” 

    ProSieben will broadcast the Free European Song Contest live from Cologne on Saturday, 16 May at 8:15pm. The show is produced by Brainpool’s Stefan Raab.  

    N.B. All current legal and health and safety requirements will be met during production. 

    Show hashtag: #FreeESC 

  4. Banijay Productions Germany Continues to Bolster Burgeoning Entertainment Slate

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    Banijay Productions Germany, a Banijay Group company, has confirmed it is producing a new gameshow for Prosieben – Die Live-Show bei dir zuhause (The Live Show at Your Home), scheduled to transmit later this year. The commission follows a successful run of new entertainment commissions and launches across Germany.


    Die Live-Show bei dir zuhause will see two neighbouring families compete live in the middle of the street for the chance to win huge prizes. Popular hosts, Matthias Opdenhövel and Steven Gätjen are coming together to captain each team as they battle it out in a host of fun-fuelled challenges.


    The latest commission comes after the recent launch of Farid’s Magic 13 (Farid’s Magische 13) and coincides with the transmission of two highly anticipated hit shows – SURVIVOR and Wild Things (Wild im Wald).


    Survivor, the adventure reality format from Banijay Group, produced for VOX, is premiering on the 16th September at 20.15 and is followed by a special episode, The Phenomenon of Survivor. RTL2 has also announced the local adaption of Wild Things, which will be transmitted on the 16th September at 21.15.


    Arno Schneppenheim, MD, Banijay Productions Germany: “We are proud to be able to extend Banijay Productions Germany’s catalogue of shows to continue entertaining families in Germany, as well as continuing our partnership with three flagship broadcasters. It has been an incredibly positive start for the business, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.”


    Both Survivor and Wild Things are produced by Banijay Productions Germany and are based on globally renowned Banijay Group formats. Both shows are distributed by Banijay Rights.


    Banijay Productions Germany was launched back in 2018 and sits alongside Brainpool and Good Times under the Banijay Germany umbrella.

  5. All Against 1 Returns to ProSieben

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    Brainpool, a Banijay Group company, today announced All Against 1 (Alle gegen Einen) will return to ProSieben for a second series. The commission follows a successful first run, which saw the interactive, studio-based entertainment format pull almost 1.5m viewers and push up the network’s audience share.


    All Against 1 pits one hopeful contestant against the nation. In each episode the challenger and viewer answer identical questions via the show’s dedicated app. This game show is for everyone as the questions are not based on knowledge but outlandish stunts and experiments. How long can a free diver hold their breath inside a shark tank? How many children will it take to pull a 16-tonne truck? What’s the top speed reached by a caravan when it falls 50 metres? The answers are literally anyone’s guess…


    The money is banked by whoever is closest – the individual playing alone or the collective answer from the nation. However, it all comes down to who is nearest the answer on the final question. If the individual outsmarts the nation, they take home the jackpot, but if the nation wins, one lucky viewer is selected at random and claims the money!


    All Against 1 was created by Banijay Nordic’s Nordisk Film TV Denmark and Nordisk Film TV Norway, and remains an ongoing hit on DR1. Adapted across six territories, the format has also enjoyed success in Norway via NRK1, Finland via Nelonen and France via France 2.