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  1. HBO Max Announces The Bridge Brasil Survival Reality Show

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    HBO Max announces the beginning of filming for the Brazilian version of the survival reality show The Bridge Brazil, a Max Originals production that will bring together a group of 14 famous people from the worlds of arts, sports, and social networks to compete for the grand prize of R$500,000.

    Presented by Murilo Rosa, the program’s cast will include singer Pepita, actress Danielle Winitis, singer Badauí, actor Fábio Beltrão, model Suyane Moreira, businesswoman Paola Santerini, cultural entrepreneur Boaventura Carneiro, civil policeman Diego Del Rio, model Priscila Sena, actress and singer Polly Marinho, architect Jordana Louise, businessman and shaper Henrique Fares, among other participants.

    Isolated in nature, they have a common goal: to build a 300-meter bridge to an island, where they will find their prize. To do this, they have only 20 days, and can only use what is around them as building materials. While they build the bridge, they must make alliances among themselves, because when they reach the island, a vote will be held to decide who gets the prize. The chosen participant decides whether to share it with their allies or not.

    “HBO Max is bringing an unprecedented reality to Brazil, unlike anything ever seen before. We know how passionate Brazilians are about this type of program and how much they vibrate and follow each moment,” says Tomás Yankelevich, director of general entertainment content at WarnerMedia Latin America. “THE BRIDGE BRASIL has all the ingredients to win over the audience: a diverse cast, with names already known by the audience, challenges of coexistence, survival in the wilderness and much more,” he adds.

    The Bridge Brasil is a Max Originals production, produced by WarnerMedia Latin America in partnership with Endemol Shine Brasil. Development is by Sergio Nakasone and executive production by Paula Kirchner and Anouk Aaron, from WarnerMedia Latin America, and general production by Nani Freitas and Eduardo Gaspar, from Endemol Shine Brasil. With general direction by Rodrigo Giannetto and direction by Bruno Guerra, the program will be released exclusively on HBO Max.