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  1. Marathon Studio Secures Rights for Nora Lakheal’s Elite Undercover Agent

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    Marathon Studio, a joint venture with Banijay France, today announces it has picked up the television rights to Nora Lakheal’s ground-breaking biography, Nora Lakheal – Elite Undercover Agent.


    A true tale of a woman who chose to risk her life, Elite Undercover Agent is Nora Lakheal’s first-hand account of the eighteen years she has spent relentlessly hunting down Islamism terrorists. A student of philosophy, the boxer from Barbés joined the police force to experience the action and the unexpected. She soon became the first French Muslim woman to join antiterrorist department, Islamisme Radicale of SORS, the elite operatives of French General Intelligence internal services and a department of the current DGSI. Risking her life for her country, she infiltrated several Islamist groups, and is thought to have intercepted a number of planned terrorist attacks.


    The scripted development acts as Marathon Studio’s first adaptation project based on a book since the announcement of its launch with Banijay France in November. With work on the drama well-underway, the series will highlight the personal challenges faced in the unprecedented missions Nora Lakheal embarked on during her service.


    Nora Lakheal comments: “I am very proud that my life is set to inspire a TV series promoting a French Muslim woman from North African heritage working for the French intelligence internal services. I thank Max Milo, the publisher, that always believed in me and Malika Abdellaoui who, thanks to her ambition and vision for this unique project, will know how to bring my story to the screen.”


    Malika Abdellaoui, producer and CEO of Marathon Studio comments: “We are honoured to be collaborating with Nora Lakheal on a standout drama based on her own testimony: Elite Undercover Agent. It is a valuable opportunity to bring to screen the story of an ordinary woman who completed extraordinary undercover missions to protect the French Republic against terrorism. Never once hesitating, despite the significant risk to her life, Nora is a strong role model, and her narrative deserves to be shared beyond the page.”


    Jean-Charles Gérard, Max Milo Publishing House comments: “We are delighted to start this new adventure with Nora Lakheal and Malika Abdellaoui, to bring forward this aspirational character; a woman working in the shadow with an exemplary trajectory.”


    Nora Lakheal – Elite Undercover Agent is published by Max Milo Publishing House.