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  1. Tencent Video Pounce on All-New CGI Animation, Shasha & Milo

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    Banijay Kids and Family today announces Zodiak Kids and Family France, and South Korean studio, Pingo Entertainment, are co-producing a new high-quality CGI action-comedy animation series, Shasha & Milo (26×22’) with broadcast partners Tencent Video (China).

    The series features 12-year-old twins Shasha and Milo, as they juggle school and home lives with a secret new role as the Crescent Island Guardians. Imbued with the power to transform between human, cat and a formidable hybrid form, Shasha and Milo are tasked with protecting Crescent Island from the dark forces that lurk beneath it… whilst navigating the daily complexities of preteen life.

    Production on Shasha & Milo has begun. Benoît di Sabatino, Gary Milne and Hee Seok Shin serve as Executive Producers, with Seul Gee Yoo as Co-Director and Creative Producer and Hyeong Min Kim as Co-Director.

     Benoît Di Sabatino, CEO, Banijay Kids and Family says: “The teams at Zodiak Kids and Family France, and Pingo Entertainment, are creating a visually striking, high-end series that is already generating huge broadcaster interest. With a unique concept, exciting storylines and strong characters with global appeal, we strongly believe Shasha & Milo will quickly establish itself as a standout brand in the kids entertainment space.”

    Pingo Entertainment’s CEO Hee Seok Shin says: “As the directing and production is being done in South Korea, Pingo Entertainment is committed to delivering an entertaining show to all of our viewers worldwide.”​

    Selina She, Director of Kids’ IP Development and Programming Centre at Tencent Video says: “We are delighted to work with the talented partners and introduce the dazzling adventure of Shasha & Milo to our audience. Its unique and irresistible mix of gripping storylines, spirited characters, intriguing plots, and relatable pre-teen life is going to have a strong appeal to our young viewers.”

    Zodiak Kids and Family Distribution own international distribution rights to the series.