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  1. Radio Gaga Heads Off on the Road Again

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    Radio Gaga, an original Movistar+ production in collaboration with Dlo/Magnolia, a Banijay company, will arrive on #0 next autumn. Manuel Burque and Quique Peinado have begun filming the fifth series which will be made up of eight episodes.


    Madrid, Barcelona, Galicia… once more they will travel across Spain in their caravan searching for stories from very large personalities. Burque and Peinado will demonstrate the chemistry they have when it comes to conversing with people who come to their small local radio studio to tell their story in exchange for a song. The guests’ stories will address themes often ignored but important to everyday life.


    Three years after they began hosting Radio Gaga together, Burque and Peinado continue to approach each account with the humour and empathy that has made Radio Gaga one of the most-loved programmes on television.


    The previous four seasons of the award-winning show are available on demand to watch in full.

  2. Movistar Signs Up for Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesas

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    Movistar today confirms the commission of Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesas. Produced by Movistar+ and Dlo/ Magnolia, a Banijay Group company, the series will be based on No More Boys and Girls, the original format produced by Outline Productions for BBC and distributed by DRG Formats.


    Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesa will pose some of the most profound questions facing education today: is the way we treat boys and girls in childhood the real reason we still haven’t achieved true equality between men and women in adult life?  And could stripping away the pink and blue – and the other more subtle ways that boys and girls are shaped to be different – be the way to raise kids with abilities and attitudes that are the same regardless of their gender?


    The new series will set out to find answers in a bold but simple experiment led by Erick Pescador. Taking the reins of a primary class with the aim of testing gender bias in education, he will observe the ways in which a group of eight-year-olds perceive themselves and their path to adulthood. Measuring self-esteem and perception, he will highlight the different ways in which both genders are treated as children and using important psychological measures, investigates whether gender neutral treatment can boost self-confidence, emotional intelligence and equality.


    Starting with a survey, the series will cover the effect of toys, gender roles in the family based on clothing, language and stories, the influence of video games, cartoons and advertising at an early age, and techniques to drive change.


    Ni Superhéroes Ni Princesa is produced by Movistar+ and DLO/Magnolia. The series will premiere on 16 September on Movistar+ and will also be available on Movistar Lite.

  3. La Caza. Monteperdido returns for second season on RTVE

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    DLO / Magnolia, a Banijay Group company, has confirmed a second season of La Caza. Monteperdido for RTVE. Filming will commence in March 2020, with the original creator and writer, Augustin Martinez, onboard.


    The new series, La Caza. Tramuntana sees Sergeant Sara Campos (Megan Montaner) and Corporal Victor Gamero (Alain Hernandez) return to take on a new case. Set in Mallorca, season two of the psychological thriller moves from the Pyrenees to the main mountain range of the Baleraric Islands: The Sierra de Tramuntana.


    The announcement follows the success of La Caza. Monteperdido which is set to receive a FesTVal Award at the 2019 Vitoria Television Festival’s closing gala. The jury honoured La Caza. Monteperdido on account of it being, “a disturbing psychological thriller shot in splendid natural settings, whose magic and nature become one more character in the story.” The series has also been nominated in four categories at the Iris Awards of the Television Academy: Best Fiction, Best Actress (Megan Montaner), Best Actor (Alain Hernández) and Best Production.


    The recommission follows an impressive first season, which secured a 14% share of audience and over two million viewers, making it one of this year’s highest rating scripted shows.  La Caza. Monteperdido also served as the most-watched primetime show, and the second most viewed in its global slot following the release of each new episode.