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  1. CJ ENM’s ‘The Genius Game’ Gets Optioned to Banijay

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    Banijay today announces it has inked an option deal with leading entertainment company, CJ ENM, for its survival game show format, The Genius Game, across the UK, Denmark, and Norway, with Remarkable Entertainment, Mastiff TV Denmark, and Mastiff TV Norway.

    The Genius Game tests players’ intelligence and social savviness. The players are chosen based on their social IQ, charisma, charm, and intelligence to participate in a unique battle of intelligence and manipulation. Players compete in the Main Match and the Death Match, to challenge their analytical reasoning, attention to detail, memory, and loyalty. In order to become the Genius, players must form secret alliances and decide who to trust and who to betray in order to increase their chances of survival. 

    James Townley, Global Head of Content Development at Banijay says: “The Genius Game is an entertaining, high-stakes, social game which has generated significant international interest. We have experienced and talented creatives in the UK, Denmark, and Norway who are ready to bring this psychological social experiment to audiences.”

    “We are overjoyed to create opportunities for The Genius Game to be produced in different versions of the show. With the elements of a hit show, including problem solving skills, social skills and the betrayal element, it is a show that can entertain viewers from all territories. As a multi-season mega-hit show in Korea, bolstering our IP in a local format will bring so much fun and thrill to its viewers as well,” says Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM.

    Meanwhile, the Netherlands adapted version of the show The Genius: The Netherlands premiered on October 3rd.

  2. Banijay EXchanges Multi-Territory Contract with Korea’s CJ ENM

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    Banijay today announces it has landed a multi-territory deal for new relationship format, EXchange. Acquired from CJ ENM, it is a show of new loves and old flames and successfully launched in Korea last summer. The deal will see Banijay represent the format across the Nordics, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Australia.

    EXchange sees young couples, who split-up in the past, live together for three weeks, some hope to reconnect while others are ready to find new love. There is just one rule; you can’t reveal who your ex is. Even the audience is initially oblivious as the participants get to know each other through dates and the ex’s insights. Every evening each person sends a text message to the person they’re interested in. Whilst anonymous, the one thing they do know is if it is from their ex or not.  Everything changes mid-season as the couples are revealed and so are the senders of the texts. Emotions change, connections are made, and love rekindles, culminating in the final episode when each single must announce who they’d like to leave the show with.

    As an original format from CJ ENM’s SVOD platform TVING, EXchange launched last year and showed continuous growth of UV every time new episodes were released and became the highest-viewed show on the platform among the entire slate of original content. TVING also recorded the highest number of paid subscribers with the show’s release. The first season of EXchange was particularly popular amongst younger viewers and went viral on SNS, leading to a second series order. The show also represented Korea as the National Winner for Best Original Programme by a Streamer/OTT at the Asian Academy Creative Awards 2021.

    Carlotta Rossi Spencer, Head of Acquisitions at Banijay said: “This relationship format has unbounded potential, it’s a truly authentic show catering for a younger audience who long for real feelings and genuine love stories. CJ ENM has created numerous engaging formats which add twists to popular tropes, and EXchange is a prime example. As past relationships are kept secret from the audience as well, the element of guessing had Korean viewers gripped, and we’re expecting a huge amount of interest in this innovative format.”

    Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM said: “We are excited to work with Banijay to bring EXchangeto multiple markets, one of our biggest and most successful non-scripted launches last year. This is a relatable format primarily dealing with love and relationships, which ordinary people experience throughout life’s journey. I am confident the candidness of human emotions delivered in EXchange will touch the audience’s heart across the world.”

     EXchange will join Banijay’s 120,000+ hour catalogue which includes other relationship shows including new IP, The Courtship, and global format Temptation Island. As well as flagship brands SurvivorHunted, MasterChefLEGO® Masters, and Big Brother.